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How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Recap Ep 16-20

AHHH! We are almost done our season 8 recap thus far! Remind me never to do recaps ever again… or at least, not 20 episodes all at once.

bad_crazy_himymEpisode 16 – Bad Crazy- It’s hilarious when future Ted narrates and tells us that Jeanette was the girl who finally made him want to settle down… cause she showed Ted just how crazy and weird single-life got. Now, Ted has to figure out how to break up with Jeanette with getting killed (quite literally). “Cray cray gotta go bye bye befo’ you get stab stabbed.” Robin struggles with her fear of holding Baby Marvin. Ted learns that breaking up with someone isn’t always that easy… especially when Jeanette locks herself in Ted’s room in a fit of rage. Robin panics in having to take care of and pick up Marvin for a few minutes while Lily runs after a bus to grab his binky.
tumblr_mi4i8vl85J1qe0ke2o1_500The flash-forwards get more and more ridiculous as Robin reveals more and more of the story years after years when finally it is revealed that Mike Tyson was the passerby who picked up and rocked Marvin back to sleep. When the gang meets up with Ted at his apartment, Jeanette is still in Jeanette’s room. Robin tells Ted that the girl’s craziness is probably a consequence of the guy’s actions. Lily finally advises Ted to go be with Jeanette, and when he’s finished going through his own crazy phase, the rest of the gang will be there for him.

Episode 17 – The Ashtray- The episode begins with a voice message to Ted from the Captain. He panics when he thinks the Captain means ill-will from the message, since Ted awkwardly bumped into him at an art-showing a year and a half ago. Turns out that Ted has a “sandwich” before he attended the gallery. Ted’s memories of the incident are all jumbled up and he remembers the Captain attempting to kill him with a harpoon gun. (LOL)  Barney insists that whenever crazy stories happen, he’s always present. The gang finds out that the Captain wants Robin’s number to which Robin confronts the boys for giving the Captain her number without telling her. Robin then gives her version of the story, reminding Ted of his incoherence at the time. She remembers the Captain hitting on her as well as the fact that she saved Ted from breaking a priceless crystal ashtray. Even further on, Robin finds out that the Captain is actually looking for Lily. Lily then gives her version of the story, reminding the gang that Ted was high and Robin was drunk from having done shots at a bar before the art-showing. After a slight dispute between Lily and the Captain, she steals his crystal ashtray in the name of Aldrin Justice. When Marshall freaks out about Lily’s little crime, we find out that the quarrel between Lily and the Captain reminded Lily of her unfulfilled dreams in art. When Lily returns the ashtray, the Captain shows her the painting they disputed over, and praises her for her keen art eye. He offers her a job as an art consultant and she accepts.

The Ashtray

How-I-Met-Your-Mother-Season-8-Episode-18-Weekend-at-Barney_s-2Episode 18 – Weekend at Barney’s- Barney and Robin continue to deal with Barney’s transition from single life to fiancé couple life. Ted returns his wedding invitation to Robin. The gang continues to persuade Ted to break up with Jeanette before the wedding. After Ted and Jeanette fight, Ted decides to get her back. Lily heads to a new art gallery with Marshall as her sidekick to schmooze a new up and coming artist. Marshall finds out that he’s having much harder time fitting into the art world than Lily. Barney attempts to help Ted hook up with girls with plays from the Playbook that Barney didn’t actually burn (a few episodes ago). After, Robin finds out that Barney hasn’t really burnt the playbook. Jeanette finds Ted at the bar and they get back together. Marshall bonds with the new artist over Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles and aids Lily in her work. Barney and Robin finally work out their differences and come to an understanding of Barney’s tendency to lie due to his passion as a magician. Barney turns out to be such a great fiancé! When Jeanette finds the playbook at Ted’s apartment, she kicks him out and proceeds to throw all of his things out in a destructive frenzy. Barney allows Jeanette to burn the Playbook, symbolizing the last fading part of Barney’s single life and his devotion to Robin and their future. Ted crosses out Jeanette’s name on Robin and Barney’s wedding invitation and proclaims that he is finally ready to settle down. Jeanette sets fire to the red cowboy boots and chucks them down to the gang. (LOL)


himym-the-fortressEpisode 19 – The Fortress-
Barney and Robin are now weeks away from their wedding! Robin talks to Barney about their future place and they dispute about the strange little gadgets and features of his apartment.  Ted gets really obsessed with the show: Woodworthy Manor. Marshall is feeling a little neglected due to Lily’s new demanding job in the art world. He promises to wait for her before watching the new episode of Woodworthy Manor. Barney attempts to bestow his apartment to Ted as a giant floating head (reference to Superman and Wizard of Oz LOL). Ted and Marshall watch Woodworthy Manor without Lily. Robin puts up Barney’s apartment for sale. (ANGRY SELF-FIVE RAWR!) It gets increasingly harder to sell the apartment as the prospective tenants discover the history of Barney’s personal life. Marshall and Ted pretend to be a gay-married couple to prove a point to Lily. Marshall, Ted and Lily talk out their real/fake couple problems XD Barney tell Robin that he is willing to give up the apartment to be with Robin. After talking to the prospective couple and discovers that the stuffy couple is going to destroy Barney’s inventions in the apartment. Robin kicks them out. (WHAT UP!!) Ted hooks up with yet another single girl who he met at Barney’s apartment. The episode ends with Marshall, Lily and Ted introducing Woodworthy Manor to Robin and Barney… the couple escape tube down the garbage chute under Barney’s kitchen sink. (Another one of his previous innovations)


The_Time_Travelers_1Episode 20 – Time Travelers- Future Ted tells his kids that in April 2013, he and their mother was very close, yet very far. We learn just exactly where Ted is in his life as he struggles with his decision on whether or not to attend Robots versus Wrestlers Legends. Marshall creates a new fruity cocktail called the Minnesota Tidal Wave. It turns out that Maclaren’s has already named the Robin Scherbatsky due to Robin’s regular orders. Ted debates with Barney, twenty-years-from-now Barney, twenty-years-from-now Ted, twenty-hours-from-now Ted, twenty-minutes-from-now Barney and twenty-seconds-from-now Barney. Twenty-seconds-from-now Barney convinces Ted to talk to the Coat-check girl who he met around the first two seasons of the show. Carl finds out that Marshall doesn’t know his last name. Present
CaptureTed is stopped by two versions of twenty-months from now Coat-check girl who tells him that their potential relationship will crash and burn after a few months. Lily allows Marshall to dance battle Robin over the drink. Ted realizes that he has been talking to an imaginary Barney. The Minnesota Tidal Wave dispute happened five years ago. Marshall and Lily are upstairs with baby Marvin while Robin and Barney are trying to decide on a caterer. It turns out that Ted’s actually been sitting alone debating over a single ticket to Robots versus Wrestlers because everyone was too busy. Ted realizes he’s alone and through a flashback/imagination of future/present Ted, he runs to The Mother’s apartment and tells her he’d give anything to have a few extra days with her.



Phew… the recaps are donezo! Episode 21 comes out on April 29… two more days!! I hope you’re just as excited as I am!

<– That has to be my favourite Lily moment all season

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Clara C “You’ve Got it All” Music Video Review

This month I am loving Clara C’s new music video featuring a song on her album Esc, “You’ve Got it All”. The bouncy beats of Esc that marks a new signature style in Clara’s music. I love the groovy guitar in the intro to this song. “You’ve Got it All” has an artsy and fun feel to it with TONS of colourful balloons. Jimmy Wong plays Clara’s main guy. They’re just so adorable together. My favourite part of the video has to be the bridge of the song when Clara realizes she must be falling for him. Of course, getting to see Clara jamming on the guitar with her band is always a treat. She just has such a relaxed and confident presence on stage and in music videos. “You’ve Got it All” isn’t one of your typical love songs which is one of the best things about it.

“We are love embodied
Turning old things pristine
From now on all I need
Is me and you, you and me…”


The coolest thing about Clara is that she came from Youtube!  I actually got to meet her on her Kickstarter Tour with David Choi (who is I also love). She is so energetic and down-to-earth. She has to be my favourite female songstress on Youtube. Check her out here: http://www.youtube.com/user/ClaraCMusic?feature=watch

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How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Recap Ep 11-15

Hi everyone, I hope you haven’t forgotten me! Today we’re recapping episodse 11-15 of How I Met Your Mother Season 8. As Robin and Barney work out their awkward situation, Ted’s GNB building is finally being revealed! But Ted reflects on Robin one last time and can he really give his blessing to Barney and Robin? Sorry I’ve been gone for so long, but exams are just soo demanding.

Episode 11 & 12 – The Final Page
HIMYM-8.10-16_FULL– A LOT happens in these two episodes… but it begins, with a jinx. Marshall jinxes Barney, who hasn’t been jinxed for a long time but has tortured the rest of the gang with his own jinxes. In the winter of 2012, as Ted’s GNB building is about to revealed, he contemplates his younger days in class and his numerous attempts to prove his talent and creativity to Professor Vinick at Wesleyan university. The gang teases Ted’s obsession with Vinick as Ted’s “Pit Guy” like in the Silence of the Lambs. Likewise, Lily points out that Patrice is Robin’s pit guy and Marshall reveals that he and Lily would be pit people of their creepy university “friend” Daryl. Barney begs Marshall and Lily to unjinx him. Robin is given a chance to fire Patrice at work. Ted drags Marshall, Lily and Barney to Wesleyan in his endeavour to prove himself to Vinick… sadly revenge fantasies never turn out the way you want them to, especially those in red cowboy boots. When Daryl brings Marshall, Lily and Barney to his basement to show them something, paranoia takes over and Marshall finally confesses to Daryl that he and Lily are not his friends. In the end, Daryl realizes that he does not need the validation of others to measure his self-worth. Ted also realizes “emotional clarity” as Robin does in her situation. The gang leaves campus. When Ted and Lily grab snacks at the service station, Ted unjinxes Barney by accident and Barney confides in Ted about his plans to marry Patrice on the roof of the World Wide News building.


In exchange for unjinxing Ted, Barney makes him promise not to tell anyone about his plans or try to dissuade him in his proposal plans. The gang (minus Barney) gets hyped up about Ted’s big skyscraper reveal. Robin agrees to be Ted’s plus one to the ceremony. Mickey gives Marshall and Lily a vacation break Christmas present away from Marvin. Just as Marshall and Lily are about to leave, Ted reveals Barney’s secrets to Marshall, thus breaking the jinx swear as he struggles with the decision to tell Robin about Barney proposal plans. Ted decides that Robin deserves to know, but Marshall advises him not to. Lily has separation anxiety with Marvin. Ted ends up taking Marshall’s advice, to be a little selfish. We get to see Ranjit again! YAY! Ted caves at the end and tells Robin, in case she “wants to do something about it.” Ranjit offers hilarious comic relief as always. Marshall and Lily arrive at Ted’s big event and miss Marvin when they see another cute baby dressed in a suit. Robun reacts in frustration to Ted’s news. Ted brings the limo to the World Wide News building despite Robin’s decision not to intervene with Barney’s plans. Ted tells Robin that sometimes being an ass of yourself for the person you love is worth it, thus giving her and his best bro, his final blessing.

The Final Page, Part One And Two

Robin arrives at the roof of the building to find a play titled “The Robin,” describing everything that Barney has done since Robin’s breakup with Nick, all in the pursuit of Robin’s affections. Robin is infuriated with Barney for being lied to and manipulated for weeks. The last step of the play Is Barney’s proposal… and of course, she says, “Yes.” And they kiss over a beautiful snowy rooftop under mistletoe.

The episodes end with a crowd raising a glass to Ted. Marshall and Lily are happily home with Marvin. Robin and Barney are happily in love… but Ted looks out forlornly into the snowy cityscape of New York.

Episode 13 – Band or DJ- Barney and Robin are engaged, FINALLY. Marshall and Lily are stressed over Marvin’s digestive system. Barney and Robin begin to plan the wedding. Lily gets excited about wedding planning to which Ted takes over. Barney is coping with his wedding engagement through panic attacks. Barney meets Robin’s father at a restaurant. At the end of the meal, Robin’s father, the ultimately disapproves of Barney. Ted insists on having a DJ while Lily suggests a band. Barney attempts to bond with Robin’s father where he forces him to kill a bunny… of course Barney chickens out. (No rabbits were harmed in the making of this episode) Robin finds out that her father is remarried from his online status and refuses to invite her father to her wedding because she was never invited to his. Towards the end, Lily pulls Ted onto the roof of their apartment to press him on his displeasure at Barney and Robin’s engagement. Ted can’t bring himself to voice his misery as he would be named the most awful person in the country but Lily gives him an out when she confesses that sometimes she wished she wasn’t a mother. Only after, Ted confesses his true feelings. Coping with her stress as a mother, Lily still feels unfulfilled as an artist and she encourages Ted to accept what he’s been given in his life. At the end, Barney helps Robin reconcile her relationship with her father and she realizes how much Barney loves her. Four months later, Ted bumps into his lesbian ex-girlfriend Cindy and her partner on the subway and rants about the cancellation of the band. Luckily for him, the couple knows a great wedding band available at the last minute. Cindy’s tells him of a band that her ex-roommate is a part of and the episode closes with Ted looking up to the stage at the bass player.

Ring UpEpisode 14 – Ring Up!-
Ted is caught wearing a cheesy teenage black leather cuff. He tells the gang that he’s met a girl… but she’s underage so she’s unable to enter the bar. Robin and Barney are in the honeymoon phase of their engagement. Ted later rants to the gang how his teenage girlfriend seems like a completely different species. She turns out to be obsessed with old men. Marshall puts on Ted’s cheesy teenage black leather cuff which turns out to be a turn-on for Lily. Robin finds out that her engagement ring means losing single pretty girl privileges… free coffee, bagels, newspapers, beers, and even houses. Barney’s system is detoxing after years of one-night stands and needs Ted to sleep with the teenager to proxy bang for Barney. Marshall continues to put on a bad-boy image to hype up the romance between him and Lily. Ted shows Barney pictures of the teenager and Barney finds out that Ted has just slept with his half-sister Carly. Marshall and Lily reconcile their romance without the cuff. Lily and Marshall give Robin advice about coping with her loss of single pretty girl privileges. Barney attempts to marry Ted and Carly radically reacting to their one-night stand. Ted points out that Barney’s detox is over. Barney makes Ted and Carly promise to never sleep with each other again, but both wink to their bro and brother as single Barney use to. Robin finally realizes that being in a couple and having that one special person look at you is worth the loss of her single pretty girl status.


Episode 15 – P.S. I Love you- Ted sees a girl on the subway reading the same book as him and obsesses over her with Marshall and Lily at the bar. He later bumps into the anonymous girl when the university where he works has a fire drill. The gang points out that the girl, Jeanette must be a crazy stalker. Ted points out that whether a gesture is charming or alarming depends on whether two people are into each other. Robin ends up telling the gang that there is a fine line between love and obsession. The word stalker slightly bothers Robin as she reveals that she use to be one. The rest of the episode is devoted to Barney’s quest to find out who Robin use to stalk. Barney reads Robin’s old teenage diary with obsessive rants about her mystery man; the entries ending with “P.S. I Love You.” Marshall and Lily hypothesize that Jeanette set a fire so that she could pull the fire drill thus sending Ted and everyone else out the building. Barney flies to Canada to interrogate Robin’s old boyfriends… in Tim Hortons, over doughnuts. Ted ends up finding out that Jeanette really did set a fire. Marshall and Ted dispute over Ted and his new crazy girlfriend. Barney returns with the answer to the question “Who was Robin obsessed with?” Hang on tight cause it’s ROBIN SPARKLES 4 Y’ALL! An old Canadian documentary tells of Robin’s change in music from bubble-gum pop to grunge; a dark and edgy song called P.S. I Love You inspired by her obsession… Barney attacks Alan Thicke, believing that the song is about him and gets beat up. When Robin finds out of Barney’s obsession, he finally admits that anyone can get obsessed. Robin confesses that she was obsessed with Paul Shaffer. Ted is still okay with Jeanette’s crazy antics despite Marshall’s protests and Lily finally tells the gang that she’s been living a lie with the story of her and Marshall. It turns out that she knocked on every single person’s door in her building to find him and create “a little destiny.” Ted finds that Jeanette’s been stalking him for a year and a half since he was on a magazine cover but Ted still goes along with it. Future Ted narrates over the last scene saying, “Before a man meets the woman he’ll marry, he’ll make one final horrible mistake. For me that was Jeanette.”


Okay… that was a really really long recap… the good thing is, events are picking up. Favourite funny moment of this recap was Barney and the cuckoo-clock when Ted first describes his first encounter with Jeanette. Last recap to come soon!

***For those of you who are more interested in my Japanese manga and anime review… many new manga reviews are coming! I promise!

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