Karneval Episode 1 Review


This season’s spring animes are finally out! Pilot episodes of all new animes with a wide range of action, fantasy, comedy, slice of life and more! Today we’re reviewing Karneval, an action-packed, magic filled story revolving around a mysterious boy named Nai and an organization called Circus. The gorgeous vibrant art was what initially drew me to this series and its animated designs certainly lives up to the original manga style. The eyes of the characters are especially well done. Designed in rings of several colours, they really draw you into the character’s personality.

Rating: 4/5 four out of five curiously excited clouds!4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Overall, a great opening to the story, where several branches stem from Nai and his mysterious past. The episode definitely left me in suspense! Fans of fairytale spinoffs or whimsical styled animes will definitely enjoy this series! This season looks promising and I can’t wait to watch and review other series!



karneval01aKarneval - 01 - Large 02

Synopsis of Episode 1:

The anime begins with Nai, being spoken to by a figure that he calls Karoku. It turns out that Karoku has left Nai for quite some time and Nai, looking for Karoku has stumbled into the clutches of a wealthy aristocrat lady… who actually isn’t an aristocrat but turns out to be a crazy demon spider puppet monster thing! That part of her is only revealed after the mansion is broken into by a thief named Gareki, seemingly looking for something. Gareki decides to free Nai in exchange for Nai’s bracelet, which the aristocrat lady monster had recognized as a Circus I.D. (more mystery!)

On the run, Gareki and Nai are being chased by defense security and leave the city by train, but the train has actually been hijacked by these men who have taken an old CEO and his granddaughter hostage in revenge for being laid off from the company. Gareki and Nai encounter two members from Circus: Hirato, Circus’ Second Ship Captain and Tsukumo, a Second Ship fighter. With a lot of action and explosions, the CEO and his granddaughter are rescued… but WAIT! The CEO guy is not all that innocent. While being examined by his doctor (who also looks rather shady), he admits to purposely being captured in order to test Circus’ capabilities.


Hope you enjoy Karneval as much as I did!

– Cloudy

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