Missions of Love Volume 1 Review

Missions of LOve“It is time for love. Secret cell phone novelist vs. the most popular boy in school. A mission of love for absolute servitude.”

Hi everyone! Today we’re reviewing the Missions of Love manga series. The first volume was released just in November but I haven’t had a chance to pick it up till now… the series is by Ema Toyama, the same author of I am Here!, a slice of life romance manga quintet. Missions of Love, follows a different stream of romance and draws in elements of comedy unlike the sweet and sentimental tone of I am Here!

Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds4 CloudsExcited Transparent



Yukina Himuro, is a cell phone novelist who writes behind the alias, Yupina. Cell phone novels are published via cell phone text messages and are relatively short per chapter. Usually, text messages consist of a short word limit but because of the way the Japanese language is structured, texters are permitted a high word limit. Yukina is a regular student that is nicknamed the “Absolute Zero Snow Woman” due to her ice-cold glares and the intensity of her eyes. Though other students find her intimidating, Yukina doesn’t mind as she enjoys observing the interactions and relationships between her classmates from a distance. In fact, many of her classmates who follow her novel do not realize that she is actually taking their life experiences and writing them into her story.


When Yukina beings to notice that her fans, though impressed by her characters who chase their dreams or create friendships with others, are beginning to crave elements of romance. However, Yukina has never experienced true romance, and does not understand how to go about writing it. After overhearing the most popular boy in school, Shigure Kitami, reject a love confession from another female student, she stumbles upon his notebook, which has a list of all the girls in his class and checkmarks to indicate their confessions of love, she blackmails him into teaching her what true love is. Each chapter’s Mission of Love illustrates a different aspect of the relationship… until Yukina demands to be kissed by Kitami. Though Shigure is clever, he is unable to discover Yukina’s weakness to shake her off.

When Kitami finally discovers that Yukina’s weakness is being exposed to others without her glasses, Kitami laughs at her for such a ridiculous fear. However, Yukina decides to take the leap and overcome her fear, asking Kitami to show what real love is without the filter of her glasses. The first volume ends with Yupina’s close guy friend overhearing her little confession.


I love the interactions between the protagonist Yukina and Shigure. I’m sure the playful “I hate you” relationships are leading up to some heart-to-heart moments where they bond over their memories or some other discussion.  I can’t wait till Shigure finds out that she was using him for her novel… will he brush it off or will he have truly fallen for her and her for him at that point? Will there be a love triangle between Shigure, Yukina and her guy friend? Volume one was a great opener to the story, even providing a back story of Yukina’s fear. For classic shojo fans, this manga will have you grinning in anticipation to the developing relationship between Yukina and Shigure but for die-hard action shonen readers, I advise you to steer clear of the series… and if you’re somewhere in the middle of the two extremes, this lighthearted story, comedic moments and exaggerated inner expressions of Yukina will tug at the corners of your mouth…

Volume 2 just came out a few days ago and I can’t wait to read it! Hope you guys liked this review!


– Cloudy

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