Crimson Empire Volume 1 Review

Synopsis from the Back cover:


“From the time she was sold into servitude as a young girl and told by a handsome demonic figure that she had a destiny to fulfill, Sheila’s childhood was anything but easy. After joining an assassin’s guild and undergoing rigorous training in the kill arts, Sheila is later taken in by the dashing Prince Edvard to serve as his housemaid and bodyguard. As skillful as she is with a blade, Sheila hasn’t a clue when it comes to courtly romance. While she uses her talents to help Edward win the throen, can she stave off the male suitors who vie for her heart?”

Crimson Empire: Circumstances to Serve a Noble is produced by the same creators as Alice in the Country of Clover. The story is by the same author, Quinrose but the artwork is illustrated by a different artist, Hazuki Futaba. My initial impression from Quinrose was from the Alice in the Country of Hearts Series and the subsequent spin-off variations of Alice in the Country of Clover. I had read a few pages of Crimson Empire as a bonus features of one of the Alice volumes and I was curious to see another game-adapted story by the same author. The genre is shojo with a bit action and court politics thrown into the romance.

Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds4 CloudsExcited Transparent



The first volume is pretty generic in the sense that it is a mere introduction to the characters and the political struggles between Sheila’s master, Prince Edward and other interactions within the royal court. There are a few darker elements to the story such as Sheila’s past as a slave, her assassin training, her first kill and her contract with the demon Michael.  I liked the brief but informative flashback of the night Sheila swore allegiance to Prince Edvard. As well, Edvard’s own complex personality was presented very fluidly in conjunction with the story and in relationship to Sheila. The ending leaves you in suspense and I’m glad to see a Quinrose series not entirely focused on relationships. Other characters also immediately present a layer of depth rarely seen in shojo story. I have no doubt that several guys will potentially fall for our cute and deadly protagonist but I’m also eager to delve into this world of aristocrats and assassins.  I am very excited for volume 2!

– Cloudy

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