Demon Love Spell Review Volume 1 Impressions

15800522 Calling all shojo fans! Today’s we’re reviewing a new manga series that will make you squeal and scream and jump up and down! It’s the CUTEST shojo manga ever – Demon Love Spell by Mayu Shinjo. This shojo romance series revolves around a shrine maiden named Miko who comes from a line of shrine guardians. However, she completely lacks the ability to sense or see the presences of spirits, that is, until she meets Kagura, the strongest demon, who happens to be an incubus. Incubi are demons that feed off women’s emotions and passions of love. When Miko seals most of Kagura’s powers by accident, she realizes that only by touching him can her sixth sight be awakened. Kagura is so incredibly cute in chibi size and so devilishly handsome in regular size. They fall in love of course, and it’s adorable because one of the most energy-draining activities of an incubus is being jealous. Kagura’s connection with Miko allows him to strengthen his powers. Apparently, meaningless physical pleasure isn’t enough to satisfy and incubus and rejuvenate their powers, there must be an element of emotion and genuine love as well.

The story focuses on the relationship between Kagura and Miko as well as Miko’s fledgling development as a shrine maiden. Most hilarious scene is when Kagura and Miko have just kissed and Miko runs out and jumps into a lake to cleanse herself and ask for God’s forgiveness (LOL!)Kagura8B

This series is hardcore shojo fans and not for the weak! A few years ago I read some of Ai Ore! Because of its captivating art and Maya Shinjo has done it again! Her breathtaking art is enough to keep you perched at the edge of your seat throughout the story.

5bShonen fans beware! This is so not the manga for you! This series is really just for us girls 😉 It’s super sweet, adorably funny and oh so swoon-worthy! If you like Kimi ni Todoke, Ouran High School Host Club and Kamisama-Kiss, I highly recommend you give this story a go!

<<–Isn’t chibi Kagura sooo cute?

I hope you guys like Demon Love Spell as much as I do!

Rating: 5/5 happy clouds5 Clouds Transparent

– Cloudy

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