Clara C “You’ve Got it All” Music Video Review

This month I am loving Clara C’s new music video featuring a song on her album Esc, “You’ve Got it All”. The bouncy beats of Esc that marks a new signature style in Clara’s music. I love the groovy guitar in the intro to this song. “You’ve Got it All” has an artsy and fun feel to it with TONS of colourful balloons. Jimmy Wong plays Clara’s main guy. They’re just so adorable together. My favourite part of the video has to be the bridge of the song when Clara realizes she must be falling for him. Of course, getting to see Clara jamming on the guitar with her band is always a treat. She just has such a relaxed and confident presence on stage and in music videos. “You’ve Got it All” isn’t one of your typical love songs which is one of the best things about it.

“We are love embodied
Turning old things pristine
From now on all I need
Is me and you, you and me…”


The coolest thing about Clara is that she came from Youtube!  I actually got to meet her on her Kickstarter Tour with David Choi (who is I also love). She is so energetic and down-to-earth. She has to be my favourite female songstress on Youtube. Check her out here:

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– Cloudy

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