Karneval Episode 2 & 3 Review


Hello everyone! Exams are finally done for me and I can finally focus on writing reviews for you guys! I hope your spring is going well, wherever you are! Today we’re looking at episode two and three of Karneval!

Episode 2 Rating: 4/5 four out of five curiously excited clouds4 CloudsExcited Transparent

ep 2bEpisode 2 begins with Nai and Gareki after the train incident. Nai wanders into town to look for Gareki and are followed by the thugs (in suits) that are trying to capture Nai. When Gareki sees that Nai has vanished, he goes looking for him. The Circus is hosting events in town to reassure the citizens of their safety after the train explosion ideal. Hirato and Tsukumo are trying to find Nai for Circus as well. A furry cat saves Nai and Gareki from the thugs… the man, Yogi, behind the furry cat suit is actually quite charming. Yogi brings Nai and Gareki back to the Circus ship. Hirato assigns Yogi and Tsukumo as Nai and Gareki’s protectors.

ep2gIn order to pass the time, the gang plays hide-and-seek. While Gareki is secretly looking for an exit, and is intercepted by Circus’s cute little minions, Nai unknowingly finds the exit to the ship after climbing into a vent in search of a hiding place. Nai is attacked by a giant monster, luckily Tsukumo and Yogi jump to his rescue. When Tsukumo, Yogi and Gareki are ensnared by the monster, one of Circus’ little minions appears, picks up Nai and fly back to the ship (LOL). Later, Nai hears Karoku’s voice in his head and passes out. Finally, we are given a glimpse of Nai’s mysterious Karoku… whoever he is.


Episode 3 Rating: 4.5/5 five out of five curiously excited clouds5 CuriousClouds Transparent

nijiEpisode 3 picks up in the infirmary on the Circus ship. Nai is still passed out, but he’s had tests run on him and Doc tells the rest of the gang that Nai is actually a rare animal called Niji. (That cute little white furry creature running along the closing credits!). More research is needed on Nai and his history as the Circus ship flies to the Niji forest. As well, we finally get to see more of the other circus members are introduced to the antagonist organization Kafka who is apparently responsible for the creepy monsters like the spider-woman we saw in episode 1. Hirato continues to do mysterious unknown upper Circus work.

naiWe learn a bit more of Gareki’s past… He’s soooo adorable in his embarrassment imaginations of Nai as a cute little Niji. Episode 3 is jammed packed with new information that throws the viewers into the thicker threads of the story. I’m slowly starting to love the depths of each character’s personality and past. Upon being attacked by an black tentacle monster in the Niji forest,, it turns out that Yogi isn’t just a pretty face and a happy personality, but is actually pretty badass when it comes to fighting. Find out all the juicy details by watching the episode!


So far, so good. Karneval seems to be picking up nicely. A lot of things are still completely unknown and we’re continuously being introduced faces or certain lines that raise questions, questions and more questions! I get every excited after each episode and I can’t wait to see the story unravel!

ep 2e

– Cloudy

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