Strobe Edge Volume 1 Review

strobe edge 1Welcome to a manga review of Strobe Edge! This series follows a girl named Ninako Kinoshita, a high school girl who is trying to figure out what love is. I really thought that this manga was going to be a typical girl meet boys light romance series but the author’s Greetings at the very beginning of the book provide the reader with an explanation of many of the events in Strobe Edge. Despite the story of your average female protagonist falling for the handsome mysterious guy of her grade, I found the events of the story easy to relate to though I was hesitant to give this series a try.

Io Sakisaka wrote Strobe Edge to illustrate the emotions and sensations that everyone goes through in the clumsy and confusing world of love. This series has all the elements of your classic shojo slice of life genre but with a few little surprises and beautiful underlying themes of love. Whoever you are and wherever you are in your love life, there is definitely one character that you can relate with. There are too many developments in the main plot and twist in the sub plot to give a proper synopsis that renders the story justice. The art is unique and detailed to the point that it is immensely easy to tell the difference between the characters. If you’re looking for a light spring manga to pass the days, I strongly recommend you give Strobe Edge a try! It’s perfect for lazying the day away or when you seriously need some distressing.

Rating: 5/5 happy clouds5 Clouds Transparent


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– Cloudy

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