How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Recap Ep 16-20

AHHH! We are almost done our season 8 recap thus far! Remind me never to do recaps ever again… or at least, not 20 episodes all at once.

bad_crazy_himymEpisode 16 – Bad Crazy- It’s hilarious when future Ted narrates and tells us that Jeanette was the girl who finally made him want to settle down… cause she showed Ted just how crazy and weird single-life got. Now, Ted has to figure out how to break up with Jeanette with getting killed (quite literally). “Cray cray gotta go bye bye befo’ you get stab stabbed.” Robin struggles with her fear of holding Baby Marvin. Ted learns that breaking up with someone isn’t always that easy… especially when Jeanette locks herself in Ted’s room in a fit of rage. Robin panics in having to take care of and pick up Marvin for a few minutes while Lily runs after a bus to grab his binky.
tumblr_mi4i8vl85J1qe0ke2o1_500The flash-forwards get more and more ridiculous as Robin reveals more and more of the story years after years when finally it is revealed that Mike Tyson was the passerby who picked up and rocked Marvin back to sleep. When the gang meets up with Ted at his apartment, Jeanette is still in Jeanette’s room. Robin tells Ted that the girl’s craziness is probably a consequence of the guy’s actions. Lily finally advises Ted to go be with Jeanette, and when he’s finished going through his own crazy phase, the rest of the gang will be there for him.

Episode 17 – The Ashtray- The episode begins with a voice message to Ted from the Captain. He panics when he thinks the Captain means ill-will from the message, since Ted awkwardly bumped into him at an art-showing a year and a half ago. Turns out that Ted has a “sandwich” before he attended the gallery. Ted’s memories of the incident are all jumbled up and he remembers the Captain attempting to kill him with a harpoon gun. (LOL)  Barney insists that whenever crazy stories happen, he’s always present. The gang finds out that the Captain wants Robin’s number to which Robin confronts the boys for giving the Captain her number without telling her. Robin then gives her version of the story, reminding Ted of his incoherence at the time. She remembers the Captain hitting on her as well as the fact that she saved Ted from breaking a priceless crystal ashtray. Even further on, Robin finds out that the Captain is actually looking for Lily. Lily then gives her version of the story, reminding the gang that Ted was high and Robin was drunk from having done shots at a bar before the art-showing. After a slight dispute between Lily and the Captain, she steals his crystal ashtray in the name of Aldrin Justice. When Marshall freaks out about Lily’s little crime, we find out that the quarrel between Lily and the Captain reminded Lily of her unfulfilled dreams in art. When Lily returns the ashtray, the Captain shows her the painting they disputed over, and praises her for her keen art eye. He offers her a job as an art consultant and she accepts.

The Ashtray

How-I-Met-Your-Mother-Season-8-Episode-18-Weekend-at-Barney_s-2Episode 18 – Weekend at Barney’s- Barney and Robin continue to deal with Barney’s transition from single life to fiancé couple life. Ted returns his wedding invitation to Robin. The gang continues to persuade Ted to break up with Jeanette before the wedding. After Ted and Jeanette fight, Ted decides to get her back. Lily heads to a new art gallery with Marshall as her sidekick to schmooze a new up and coming artist. Marshall finds out that he’s having much harder time fitting into the art world than Lily. Barney attempts to help Ted hook up with girls with plays from the Playbook that Barney didn’t actually burn (a few episodes ago). After, Robin finds out that Barney hasn’t really burnt the playbook. Jeanette finds Ted at the bar and they get back together. Marshall bonds with the new artist over Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles and aids Lily in her work. Barney and Robin finally work out their differences and come to an understanding of Barney’s tendency to lie due to his passion as a magician. Barney turns out to be such a great fiancé! When Jeanette finds the playbook at Ted’s apartment, she kicks him out and proceeds to throw all of his things out in a destructive frenzy. Barney allows Jeanette to burn the Playbook, symbolizing the last fading part of Barney’s single life and his devotion to Robin and their future. Ted crosses out Jeanette’s name on Robin and Barney’s wedding invitation and proclaims that he is finally ready to settle down. Jeanette sets fire to the red cowboy boots and chucks them down to the gang. (LOL)


himym-the-fortressEpisode 19 – The Fortress-
Barney and Robin are now weeks away from their wedding! Robin talks to Barney about their future place and they dispute about the strange little gadgets and features of his apartment.  Ted gets really obsessed with the show: Woodworthy Manor. Marshall is feeling a little neglected due to Lily’s new demanding job in the art world. He promises to wait for her before watching the new episode of Woodworthy Manor. Barney attempts to bestow his apartment to Ted as a giant floating head (reference to Superman and Wizard of Oz LOL). Ted and Marshall watch Woodworthy Manor without Lily. Robin puts up Barney’s apartment for sale. (ANGRY SELF-FIVE RAWR!) It gets increasingly harder to sell the apartment as the prospective tenants discover the history of Barney’s personal life. Marshall and Ted pretend to be a gay-married couple to prove a point to Lily. Marshall, Ted and Lily talk out their real/fake couple problems XD Barney tell Robin that he is willing to give up the apartment to be with Robin. After talking to the prospective couple and discovers that the stuffy couple is going to destroy Barney’s inventions in the apartment. Robin kicks them out. (WHAT UP!!) Ted hooks up with yet another single girl who he met at Barney’s apartment. The episode ends with Marshall, Lily and Ted introducing Woodworthy Manor to Robin and Barney… the couple escape tube down the garbage chute under Barney’s kitchen sink. (Another one of his previous innovations)


The_Time_Travelers_1Episode 20 – Time Travelers- Future Ted tells his kids that in April 2013, he and their mother was very close, yet very far. We learn just exactly where Ted is in his life as he struggles with his decision on whether or not to attend Robots versus Wrestlers Legends. Marshall creates a new fruity cocktail called the Minnesota Tidal Wave. It turns out that Maclaren’s has already named the Robin Scherbatsky due to Robin’s regular orders. Ted debates with Barney, twenty-years-from-now Barney, twenty-years-from-now Ted, twenty-hours-from-now Ted, twenty-minutes-from-now Barney and twenty-seconds-from-now Barney. Twenty-seconds-from-now Barney convinces Ted to talk to the Coat-check girl who he met around the first two seasons of the show. Carl finds out that Marshall doesn’t know his last name. Present
CaptureTed is stopped by two versions of twenty-months from now Coat-check girl who tells him that their potential relationship will crash and burn after a few months. Lily allows Marshall to dance battle Robin over the drink. Ted realizes that he has been talking to an imaginary Barney. The Minnesota Tidal Wave dispute happened five years ago. Marshall and Lily are upstairs with baby Marvin while Robin and Barney are trying to decide on a caterer. It turns out that Ted’s actually been sitting alone debating over a single ticket to Robots versus Wrestlers because everyone was too busy. Ted realizes he’s alone and through a flashback/imagination of future/present Ted, he runs to The Mother’s apartment and tells her he’d give anything to have a few extra days with her.



Phew… the recaps are donezo! Episode 21 comes out on April 29… two more days!! I hope you’re just as excited as I am!

<– That has to be my favourite Lily moment all season

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