Missions of Love Volume 2 & 3 Review

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I am just bursting with excitement for volumes 2 and 3 of Missions of Love. Volume two continues from the initial story threads of volume one where Yukina advances in her missions of love with Shigure. A lot triangle is sparked when Akira (Yukina’s childhood friend/cousin) decides to pursue her as her boyfriend… awkward, because he’s her cousin, but rolling with that, Shigure gets a kick In the butt when he realizes that Yukina might have completely lost interest in him. After all, she was only using him to write romance in her cell-phone novels. Neither Yukina and Shigure have realized they might actually have feelings for one another but they continue to cooperate on the missions of love… Yukina realizes that the unexpected surprises one’s significant other does, is one of the best parts of romance, and sheallows Shigure to do whatever he wants in missions number seven. Cutest moment is when they bump into each other again at the day’s end. 😉 But still, Akira’s not ready to give up yet and promises to teach Yukina about romance.




9781612622859_p0_v1_s260x420Yukina’s absolutely shocked when she finds out that her fans adore love triangles! Her expression is hilarious (courtesy of Ema Toyama’s amazing art) When Yukina decides to shift gears from Shigure to Akira to learn about romance, Shigure doesn’t let her off the hook… he tells her he will never like her but he will make Yukina fall in love with him. Don’t you just wanna smack them oblivious characters? Another character named Mami appear, and Shigure sweetly dotes on her leaving Yukina confused as to how her emotions react to Shigure with another girl. (I don’t think you can call it a relationship yet…). Volume 3 has to be the best book so far. It wraps up nicely with mission number 8 which is a real treat. I can’t wait to see how the story advances when volume 4 comes out in July!

– Cloudy

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