Starry Sky Volume 1 Review

Hi everyone! We’re settling into spring nicely, aren’t we? Well, from where I am anyway….. Sometimes we can see the stars, but only sometimes because the cityscape blocks a lot of the sky. Part of why I love gazing up at the stars is trying to figure out where each constellation is, but that’s harder said than done. One manga that’s really caught my eye is Starry Sky. Based on the hit Japanese dating Sims game, Starry Sky follows Tsukiko Yahisa through her memories of Seigetsu Academy, a former all boys’ school. This series is strictly categorized as shojo and slice of life. Only the first volume has been published so far and I’m looking forward to reading the next few. It’s quite similar to Alice in the Country of Hearts in that there are a whole group of guys around one really nice, never really romantically inclined kind of girl. However, I have to say that Tsukiko has a more of a personality than Alice did… And Starry Sky has a plot and a point.


My favourite aspect of this series is the flashbacks between the Tsukiko of the present and Tsukiko of the past. Pages with moments of the story depicted in the future are actually depicted with a black background (often used to indicate a back story). The scenarios are swapped, in which Tsukiko’s back story is our present story. We are only given glimpses of her in the future to compare the differences of her lives and the futures of other possible characters which is an intriguing way to tell the story. On one hand, we want to know who Tsukiko ends up with in the future and perhaps her mystery man will appear in the future story. On the other hand, we want to know how and when Tsukiko met her future mystery man… if there is one. All this makes for a very curious Cloudy.

Yahisa.Tsukiko.full.373074Overall, not much has happened and there are eleven more volumes to go. The art is really beautiful. You’ll have to open up the manga and see for yourself. If you’re an avid shojo reader and thoroughly laidback romance series or regularly enjoy playing visual novels, you will definitely take a liking to this series. Like many slice of life /shojo series, the story progresses at a medium-slow pace.

Rating: 3.5/5 curious clouds35 CloudsExcited Transparent

Characters Introduced include…

Tsukiko Yahisa- Our heroine/protagonist. Typical girl next door that all the guys fall for

Yoh Tomoe- French boy with “translucent red eyes” (if that’s even humanly possible) We usually turn a blind eye to impossible feature colourings but that doesn’t means the story should point it out =_=

Suzuya Tohsuki- One of Tsukiko’s childhood friends, pretty down to earth and chill

Kanata Nanami- Tsukiko’s more hotheaded protective childhood friends who already has a crush on Tsukiko

Tsubasa Amaha– First year student studying Cosmo-chemistry… Seems carefree but actually has a deep past

Ryunosuke Miyaji- Captain of the archery team who later comes to respect Tsukiko after she asks him to treat her as an equal… He really likes sweet things but fizzy drinks make him sleepy (LOL cute)


I’m afraid if I don’t keep a log of the characters that appear, I’ll have forgotten the first batch while the second batch appears. I also plan to watch the anime to compare the differences the publishers change in the manga story. Hope you guys liked this review! More to come soon!

– Cloudy

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3 thoughts on “Starry Sky Volume 1 Review

  1. Happy to find another manga lover here in the blogosphere 🙂 I have heard of the game but never knew that there was a manga! I am going to read it when I get the chance! The premise seems very cute.

    I actually thought that Alice from Alice in the Country of Hearts had a personality (I found her to be very sarcastic and witty) so I am eager to see what I think of Tsukiko.

    Great review!

    • Truee, Alice did have a personality in Alice in the Country of Hearts, maybe less so in Clover which I’ve been reading recenty. I think she and Blood make a great couple =P

      Thanks for reading! ❤

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