Karneval Episode 4 & 5 Review

Hi everyone, I’ve recently started and internship so if my posts come late or at strange times, you know I haven’t gone crazy (yet). I promise to write when I can and as often as I can! (i.e. on the train or bus) Now, get ready for a detailed recap of Karneval’s episodes 4 & 5.

Episode 4 Rating: 3.5/5 happy clouds35 Clouds Transparent

qgqwEpisode 4 reminds us of the previous episode’s last scenes with Gareki being captured by some strange black tentacle monster. I’m growing fond of the scientist; he has very interesting pink hair and matching eyes. (LOL) Gareki is saved just on time by the pretty turquoise haired girl named Iva, the Second Ship Fighter of the National Defense Organization Circus, whom Nai met at Circus’ parade in the previous episodes. SPARKLY! Iva brings Gareki back to the ship while Yogi, Nai and Mr. Scientist Akari investigate further into a cave in which Nai has a flashback of Karoku upon discovering their previous living quarters.



Karoku: Come, look here. DO you understand?

Nai: I understand

Karoku: That’s good


Flashback to wherever Karoku is living, he appears to be injured. The pink hair girl in Nai’s vision of Karoku is finally given a name: Erisyuka.

legApparently, Karoku showed interest in Gareki and Erisyuka had concocted a plan to bring Gareki here (which failed). Between Erisyuka and Uro (the shifty but handsome member of Kafka briefly seen in previous episodes), we find out that Erisyuka is in love with Karoku despite their age difference. Erisyuka is 14 while Karoku is 18… Erisyuka is just a little obsessed with Karoku. Nai and the others find a book hidden in the cave. Tsukumo arrives at the island with lunch.



ewpgIva’s affectionate gestures to Tsukumo are just adorable! Yogi makes a phone call to Hirato regarding the details of their visit to Niji forest.  Nai clinging to Gareki in the background throughout the phone call is also adorable. The gang decides to head to Karasuna, where Gareki used to live as there is someplace he wants to stop by. Hirato agrees. Iva and Tsukumo are ordered to guard the research tower. Apparently, Akari and Hirato don’t get along. Gareki, Nai and Yogi bump into Tsubame, a childhood friend of Gareki’s.
tsubakiTsubame tells Gareki that she killed a man., despite telling Gareki, she hasn’t told her own twin, Yotaka… Tsubame tells the threesome that she’s been feeling ill for a while and after blanking out, she found herself surrounded by dead bodies with blood on her hands. Yotaka bursts in upon overhearing. Gareki, Nai and Yogi stay the night in the village. Gareki narrates her back story and how he was saved by Tsubaki as a child. Tsubaki was Tsubame and Yotaka’s older sister. She was also killed by the man she loved. Yogi wakes up in the middle of the night upon sensing a presence outside. It turns out to be Tsubame, wandering aimlessly in a trance. The gang stumbles upon a body wounded with the same lashes as Tsubaki and turn around to see Yotaka behind them.


Episode 5 Rating: 4/5 happy clouds4 Clouds Transparent


Capturek4Episode 5 picks up quickly after its previous cliff hanger where Nai, Yogi and Gareki come upon a bloody and hungry Yotaka who attacks them with magic/energy. Yotaka sprouts wings?!? (Is he a Varuga too?) Yogi tells Nai and Gareki to leave the village and promises to meet them at Karasuna. In Gareki’s flashback, it turns out that his name was given to him by Tsubame and Yotaka’s elder sister. Parts of his childhood are slowly being revealed. (I just wanna give him a hug! He’s always so lonely!)


Capture23t3Gareki tries to send Nai away to go after Yogi but Nai refuses because he doesn’t want to see Gareki “get broken up into pieces.” Gareki tells Nai to make use of Circus to find Karoku. It’s touching to see Gareki express care for the twins even after he brushed left them many years ago. When Nai is leaving, he hears a strange sound. Tsubame awakes from her drug-induced trance and doesn’t remember anything. A strange man approaches Tsubame just as Nai passes by; Nai shoves the man aside and runs off with Tsubame… Meanwhile, Yogi and Yotaka are fighting. Yogi’s pretty badass when it comes to fighting but even though Yotaka’s not fully transformed, he’s still quite powerful. He tries to reason with Yotaka after trapping him in a cage of thorns but Yotaka breaks out at the mention of Gareki’s name AND SCENE. Of course, they flash out of the battle at the most pivotal moment.



varugaNai and Tsubame have a little heart to heart in a dark alley and are surprised by the mysterious man. Gareki observes Yogi and Yotaka fighting in the sky. the mysterious man brings Nai and Tsubame to where Yogi, Gareki and Yotaka are. Yotaka seems to have transformed into a full demon or monster and Yogi has passed out. Now it’s up to Gareki to save them… or fight Yotaka to the death. Gareki and Yotaka exchange some passing words as the mysterious man observes in his own perverse way. The man doesn’t reveal his name but instead, tells Gareki that Yotaka became suspicious of the drugs and began taking Tsubame’s doses as well in order to get money from the experiment for his family.


hktjoThe man tells Gareki that Tsubaki was also trying to protect her family but when Yotaka transformed the first time, his power went berserk and he killed Tsubaki accidentally when she recklessly intervened. And WHAT? The mysterious man is strong enough to stop Gareki’s blade with one index finger! …Because he’s a Varuga. When the Varuga attacks Gareki, Yogi saves him but the Varuga orders Yotaka to kill everyone here and Yotaka actually still has enough sense to refuse when his sister pleads him due to the resonance between their connection as twins. The Varuga tells Yotaka that it is futile to resist his transformation and Yogi attempts to kill him once more. The transformation hits Yotaka with full force and Yotaka desperately asks Gareki to kill him first but before Gareki can do so, some spear or scepter shoots down from the sky somewhere stabbing Yotaka who finally dies. The assailant is revealed to be Hirato.



I think the last few scenes between Tsubame and Yotaka are really beautifully done. It’s one of my favourite moments of the series thus far. I like the story thus far and its art is gorgeous however I find that many of the supporting characters’ aren’t properly introduced which creates a slight confusion when reflection on the story (or writing recaps). Sorry for all the super dark screenshots from episode 5, it all takes place at night after all… Karneval’s settling into a good rhythm but hopefully something drastic happens soon that shakes up the game a bit.

– Cloudy

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