Strobe Edge Volume 2 Review & Volume 1 in Retrospect

strobeedgevol2Hi everyone! Today we’re reviewing Strobe Edge volume 2. I really should have reviewed this sooner but it’s actually now that I’m further into the story that I think I should bring this series back for another round. A lot happens in Strobe Edge 1 but I felt like my introduction didn’t give enough of the details.


Ninako Kinoshita has just gotten a taste of who Ren Ichinoseis behind the fan girl rumous that circulate around him. At the same time, she’s falling in love with his quiet but warm personality behind his unreadable and collected expressions. She slowly starts to realize the rush of emotions and the topsy turvy thoughts that come with liking someone, especially when she finds out that Ren already has a girlfriend. With Ninako’s newfound feelings for Ren, she knows that she can’t keep leading on Daiki who blatantly has a crush on her. Despite being sort of rejected by Ninako, Daiki is still protective of her when Ren talks to Ninako. It’s Daiki who tells Ninako that Ren’s girlfriend is his sister. When Daiki’s brooding on the school rooftop, instead of Ninako, who he expects to return and console him, he finds Sayuri and is given an indirect confession which definitely throws him off guard. Ninako is a pretty interesting protagonist, instead of secretly crushing on Ren and admiring from afar, she decides to confront him and confesses.


Volume 2 Rating: 4/5 curious clouds4 CloudsExcited Transparent

egeVolume 2 picks up right at this climactic moment and Ren gently turns down Ninako, but she takes it in stride and continues to be friends with him, content with loving him from afar. She harbours no ill-feelings for him even when confronted with the negative little alliance of girls who have all experienced rejection from Ren and goes as far as to defend him. At the same time that Ninako and Ren are going nowhere due to his couple status, Daiki and Sayuri are awkwardly stumbling into the beginnings of a new relationship and it’s nice that Ren has decided to act as if nothing’s happened, but at the same time, I’m sure he feels a bit awkward just like Ninako. As all this is happening, Ando, another of their classmates, steps into the picture. He’s the typical playboy who hits on all the girls and is starting to become intrigued with Ninako and bothers her until she gives him her number.

Later, Ninako finally gets to meet Mayuka… who apparently thinks Ninako is dating her brother. Not awkward at all. When Ninako, Mayuka, Ren and Ando all go out to eat, it gets exceeding hard for Ninako to be around Ren and Mayuka, seeing them so close to one another. Ten points to Ando for bailing Ninako off when he grabs her hand playfully and runs off. Ando asks Ninako why she insists on being around Ren even though it’s painful…

“Someday you’ll fall in love, Ando. You’ll love someone the way I do now.”



Ren tells Ando to back off of Ninako due to his reputation as a player. Ando retaliates by calling out Ren, who has been leading on Ninako and acting simply as friends when thing aren’t that simple after Ninako’s confession. Ando deletes the phone numbers of every girl he’s every played around with to prove his sincerity to Ren regarding Ninako. When Ando kisses Ninako on the forehead while working together on the school committee, Ninako dashes off. When she bumps into Ren, who realizes she is trying to hide from Daiki, he pulls her into a storage closet and hugs her, hiding her from Ando…

What does that mean for Ren and Ninako?? Must. Read. Volume. 3.

Bonus! We’re given the short story of how Ren and Mayuka met and became a couple. I’m glad Io Sakisaka wrote and drew that in. It’ll definitely help us better understand their relationship should Ren further consider Ninako romantically.


I’m still new to all this blogging and working on my review writing style but I hope you guys liked this Volume 1-ish and Volume 2 recap/review! Volume 3 and 4 recap/review is coming soon, I promise!

– Cloudy

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