Anime & Manga Amazing Mothers!

Why we love them and why they rock…

mama2 Mama Higurashi from Inuyasha- Starting with a classic that everyone loves, Mama Higurashi must be one of the most understanding mothers in the world. She knows that Kagome risks her life in the feudal era yet she supports her daughter in any way possible whether it’s packing a giant yellow backpack full of rations, being present for Kagome through her emotional troubles or lying to the school about her daughter’s whereabouts and wellbeing. This is a mother who wants nothing more than her daughter’s happiness.

108448Junko Kaname from Magica Madoka- Appearing only for a handful of times through the short twelve-episodes, the anime mostly focuses on the interactions between the five magic girls. However, Junko’s role is rather significant as her wise words and warm affections influence Madoka’s decision to become a magic girl. She supports her Madoka’s endeavour to run to Homura’s aid despite the secrets that her daughter has been keeping from her. She and her husband raised Madoka to be a kind and compassionate person.


Juri Kuran from Vampire Knight- One of the prettiest and sweetest mothers I’ve ever encountered in anime and manga. A significant member of the pure-blood Kuran line, she stood by her husband even when her family was being targeted and sacrificed herself to seal her daughter’s vampire essence so Yuki could grow up safe as a human, protected from the vampire world.




minato-naruto-and-kushina-uzumaki-familyKushina Uzumaki from Naruto- Kushina Uzumaki grew up in a war-torn era and suffered the hardships of being the Nine-Tails host, however, she still became a courageous wife and loving mother to both her husband Minato, the fourth Hokage, and her son Naruto. She ultimately gave her life for her family and her village when she allowed the Nine-Tails to be sealed in her instead of her son because she didn’t want Naruto to grow up as a jinchuriki and an orphan. It’s cute how much Naruto and his mother are similar in personality and spirit.



Yukari Takara from Lucky Star- Like mother, like daughter; Miyuki Takara’s gentle but klutzy demeanour must come from her mother Yukari. She’s always cheerful and easygoing, sometimes being a little moe despite being a much older woman. She’s often mistaken for her daughter’s older sister and frequently teases Miyuki in an affectionate and adorable way.



Queen_SerenityQueen Serenity Sailor Moon- This Queen is not only mother of Princess Usagi/Serena by also mother of the moon who reigned during the Silver Millenium. She perished protecting her daughter through the destruction of the Moon Kingdom, praying that Usagi would have another chance at life and love. In the 20th century, she frequently appears to aid Sailor Moon in her times of struggle.


I hope you guys liked this anime spotlight. Whether in anime and manga or in real life, mothers are always the most supportive and loving figures in your life! Remember to shower your mom with lots of hugs and thank yous’ today =)

Special Mother’s Day shout-out to my mom! Thanks for always being there for me and being one of my first followers even though you don’t always approve of my obsessions… I love you very much! ❤

– Cloudy

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