Strobe Edge Volume 4 Review

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Hi everyone! I am SO excited to be reviewing Strobe Edge Volume 4 today! The books come out SO SLOWLY in the bookstores…. But I guess waiting and anticipating is part of the fun. Now, a lot happens in this volume and I’ve said so before that this story seems typical shojo but I’m constantly being surprised by the little details that make this series stand out above the rest.

Ando continues to pursue Ninako despite his knowledge of Ninko’s feelings for Ren who is still with Mayuka. However, Ren isn’t completely clueless as he is beginning to realize his feelings for Ninako.


maneboI’m pleased that Io Sakisaka put in two close characters of Ren who are really concerned for their friend. Manabu is the honest, cards on the table kind of guy and he’s the one that blatantly points out Ren’s feelings for Ninako while Yu is the more levelheaded one who sympathizes with Ren’s position. As much as Ren is trying to squash his feelings for Ninako, he can’t help but let his guard down around her. Sakisaka’s plot and characters are structured really well. At the same time that Ren’s feelings are locked between two girls, Daiki and Sayuri serve almost as a foil to Ren and Ninako.


Daiki and Sayuri are such an strong and consistent couple. They’re good for each other. It’s true that they became a couple when Daiki was vulnerable after being rejected by Ninako, however, Daiki really loves Sayuri so much and Ninako and Sayuri never let their respective relationships with Daiki affect their friendship which I thought was a very realistic touch to the series. Daiki’s just so sweet! When he saw Sayuri and her friends gushing over jewelry in a magazine, he actually enlisted Sayuri’s friends’ advice for Sayuri’s (expensive) Christmas present) and saved money to the point of tap water. I was extremely really moved when Daiki confronted his father about moving away to Fukuoka because of his relationship with Sayuri. All those long distance relationships suck and Daiki understands the possible implications if he were to continue a long distance relationship with Sayuri.


nstrobe_edge_v04ch12_p037It’s interesting to see Ando give up his player days to pursue Ninako and he seems to be in the same position that Ninako is in, regarding Ren. I hope Ando doesn’t let his feelings for Ninako get in the way of his friendship with Ren. Overall, Ren is a quiet but genuine nice guy. And like Yu pointed out to Manabu in their little talk, Ren will probably wind up blaming himself if things start screwing up.


I’m a big fan of Ren as much as I love Daiki who seems to epitomize the nice guy-guy friend that always gets friend-zoned. The end of volume 4 is dramatic, to say the least. Daiki and Mayuka are talking about moving and when Mayuka compares Daiki to Ren due to Daiki’s childlike remark, Daiki points out to his sister that the issue isn’t whether or not Ren possesses as childish side.


“It’s not that you’re not seeing it. It’s that he’s not showing it to you.” -Daiki

And now we are finally caught up! Thanks so much for you reading! If you liked this, please click like or follow! More reviews to come soon!

– Cloudy

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