HIMYM Season 8 Episode 24 Something New…

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“In the spring of 2013, we were all tying up loose ends before the big wedding…”


The episode begins with Ted who is putting the finishing touches on the house he bought way back in Season 5. Barney and Robin are wrapping up their final rehearsals for their first dance. Lily and Marshall are packing to move to Italy when Judy (Marshall’s mother), suddenly calls. Lily mentions the move to Italy, thinking Marshall had already broken the news to his mother and Judy freaks out. She demands to see her grandson before they move and Marshall agrees to visit Minnesota with Marvin for a week while Lily stays in New York to finish packing. Lily, thrilled that she doesn’t have to take care of her son for a week, accompanies Ted to his newly renovated house.


whBarney and Robin are at a restaurant to celebrate wedding planning is done… until they run into an obnoxious couple that’s just revealed themselves to be Barney and Robin’s arch-nemesis. They spend the duration of the night plotting to break them up and it’s so cute to see how completely compatible and evil they are together.

Marshall is happy to home but Lily panics in New York as Judy jokes about not letting Marshall and Marvin leave. Ted tells Lily not to jump to conclusions.


Then, Ted shows Lily the new house, where she gushes about Ted’s future in the house with a wife and kids. But when Lily finds a “For Sale” sign, Ted confesses that he is selling the house because moving to Chicago. Lily insists that Ted’s future bride is in New York but Ted doubts.


“I’ve looked. I’ve look high and low for someone I can love and adore, and cook waffles for. The closest I’ve come is Marshall.”

Ted tells Lily that he is going to leave the day after the wedding. She realizes that Ted is leaving because he thinks that the love of his life (Robin) is in New York, but in a week, she will be married to his best friend (Barney.) Lily gets a call amidst the dramatic conversation from Marshall and he reassures her that the plan to move to Italy is solid… After he hangs up, he gets a call from the New York State judiciary who offers him a position as a JUDGE. OMG!!



Robin uses the ring-in-the-champagne scheme to break up her and Barney’s arch nemesis couple. But it’s through the fight that the evil couple has decided to get engaged and thank Barney and Robin. Barney and Robin are happy, basking in coupledom. They’re just so darn perfect for each other.

Flashing back to Ted and Lily, he tells her about his moment with Robin in Central Park and Lily tells Ted that she knows where the locket is. A few years ago, before Ted and Stella were going to get married, Lily finds Robin drunk at the bar, upset over Ted’s engagement. Drunk Robin stumbles out the bar and into Central Park to look for her “something old.” After Lily has brought Robin back to the apartment, Lily places the locket in the race car pencil box for Robin to take with her to Japan. I guess after Robin sobered up, she forgot everything about that night.

Ted tells Lily that the pencil box is in his apartment on his desk and decides that it would be “the best wedding gift ever.” Lily tells Ted to be careful… and we flash forward to Friday of that week, 56 hours before the wedding. Ted’s current apartment is emptied out as he readies his luggage for Chicago. Everyone seems starry-eyed for their imminent new chapter in life. Barney and Robin are also in the process of grabbing their luggage to drive to their wedding venue. RANJIT COMES BACK AS BARNEY AND ROBIN’S DRIVER!

In Minnesota, Marshall is being driven to the airport by his brother.


“You still haven’t told her?”

“No, this is face to face news”

“Good luck with that, your honour.”


Ted and Lily are about to drive to the wedding venue together. He asks her not to tell the others about his Chicago plans and that he is planning on taking the train back to the city. Flash into the train station, where a petit brunette is walking up to the ticket booth. And after almost ten years of storytelling, THE MOTHER IS FINALLY REVEALED! She smiles and asks for a ticket to Farhampton before the episode ends.

farhBased on what first impressions, Cristin Milioti is cast perfectly as the mother. She can definitely pass off as the mother of Ted’s future kids played by Lyndsy Fonseca and David Henrie. She’s holding the yellow umbrella so she’s definitely the one and the cowboy boots are a nice touch! She’s perfect for Ted!

I can’t wait for season 9 and I hope that Ted will finally be able to completely give up on Robin after meeting the mother. I can’t wait for Barney and Robin’s wedding!!

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– Cloudy

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