Gosick Episode 1 Recap & Review

IMG-20130515-00118bHi everyone! Today I started watching Gosick! The anime is adapted from the original light novel by Kazuki Sakuraba. The picture to your left is my own copy of the first volume of the Japanese manga. The series takes place in the early 1900s after the First World War in a country named Sauville, a small strip of land wedged between France, Switzerland and Italy. The story begins at St. Marguerite Academy with an exchange student first introduced as The Black Reaper, whose look doesn’t live up to his name and whom the other students actively avoid. After the initial plot introductions, The Black Reaper stumbles into a library reading up on horror stories. At the top of the stairs is a giant botanical garden where a doll-like girl named Victorique. The Black Reaper’s name is actually Kazuya Kujo. (His name and his personality reminds me a little of Kirito)




When Kujo is just getting to know Victorique, the elevator brings a man up the library. They meet Grevil de Blois, an inspector with really weird fashion sense, that comes to inquire about a murder case. Upon divulging the details to Victorique, she smokes her pipe (very much like Sherlock Holmes) and unravels the case like a puzzle. She’s absolutely brilliant! And I think Grevil knows that too…

Later, when Kujo spots the details of the solved murder case in the newspaper, with credit given to Grevil, he storms into the police station and Grevil, being moved by Kujo’s “passion,” agrees to allow him and Victorique onto his newly-gifted reward, a yacht from the rich victim of the murder case. After Grevil tells Victorique and Kujo that there are a few loose ends to the case, Grevil is called away last minute for police work. Victorique actually finds a clue on the yacht which takes her and Kujo to a different ship to continue their own little investigation.


Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Gosick reminds me a little bit of Rozen Maiden which I read last summer and I’m absolutely charmed by the two sides of Victorique – one that is analytical and clever versus the one that is girly and childish. I wonder why she’s always locked up in the library.


Kujo is an interesting character as well. Why is he called the Black Reaper? He seems like a regular high school student but he serves as light comedic relief to the story.


I haven’t watched a serious mystery anime in a long time. The last mystery anime I watched would probably by Hyouka that finished just last year. Even though the series is generally categorized as shonen, whether you’re a shojo fan or a shonen fan I feel that Gosick strikes a good balance between the two. The art is detailed but not to the point of excess and the animation is crisp and clean.

This series is really great for spring rainy days, where you just want to curl up in bed because it’s too grey and wet to go outside. I am especially looking forward to read the manga. Thank you for watching and if you enjoyed this review please click like or follow 😉 I try to keep posts as daily as possible!

– Cloudy

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