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Demi-Lovato-Demi-2013-1200x1200Hi everyone! Some of you might have recently heard Demi Lovato’s new single Heart Attack and glimpsed it in one of my past review. Her self-titled album released on May 10th and I am very excited to do a track-by-track review for you guys so you can grab the highlights of the playlist if you don’t have time to sit through all the songs.

Rating: 5/5 happy clouds 5 Clouds Transparent

Heart Attack- The lead single of the album; it’s definitely one of the strongest songs of the album if not the strongest. It was recently performed live on Ellen. Demi’s such a powerful presence on stage. Check it out!

Made in the USA- The first few tracks on an album are usually upbeat and catchy. Made in the USA, though it reminded me of Miley Cyrus’s Party in the USA, it was a lot less bubble-gum and a lot more depth. It’s a great summer song to have on while you’re cruising down the roads with a super melody that hints feelings of nostalgia, bringing you back home.

Without the Love- One of my favourites on the album; Demi sings about the fading feelings of love. “What good is a love song without the love?” Lyrics voiced in questions repeated over and over again reflect the never-ending questions and turmoil of emotions that run through one’s mind when a relationship just doesn’t seem to work out.

Neon Lights– In my opinion, a really great clubbing song once they remix it. It’s a good song with a heartfelt meaning, but the backbeats make it a dance song more than an everyday tune.

Two Pieces- The song starts like a sweet crooning lullaby and explodes with emotion at the hit of the Chorus. It tells the story of two people trying to find each other and find themselves in this big world. This sweet song heralds the transition from the fast opening songs of the album to the slower ballads.

Nightingale- The metaphor of the nightingale is a beautiful one, its image taken from Hans Christian Andersen’s story of the Nightingale that brought salvation to a sickly emperor. This song calls out to those who are suffering, giving salvation with its wishful lyrics brought alive by Demi’s powerful vocals and vulnerable emotions.

In Case- This song takes out all the electronica and dance beats of prior songs and strips down the composition to a Demi and a piano. Fans of skyscraper will love this.

Really Don’t Care (ft. Cher Lloyd)- The playlist picks up with one of my new favourites. The album almost tells a story, from someone who rejects the idea of falling in love (Heart Attack), to a relationship that seems to be falling apart (Without the Love), through the pain of breakups and ballads to a moment of disinterest. “Even if the stars and moon collide, I never want you back into my life.” What makes this song so great is Cher Lloyd’s quick rap near the bridge. This British singer is one of my favourite artists and seeing her collaborate with Demi is a treat!


Fire Starter- This song is pretty cool, no, it’s not about arson or doing stupid things during a party. It’s about empowerment, someone who’s passionate and capable, a mass of contradictions. The message is interesting but the repetitive melody and beats aren’t. This one didn’t particularly jump out at me but some of you might find it catchy.

Something That We’re Not- Here, Demi experiments with a different palette of sounds. The song is reminiscent of the lighter pop style of Demi’s previous albums but the lyrics are much more mature and really demonstrate how much Demi’s grown as an artist.

Never Been Hurt- I found the message of this song very relatable and Demi’s powerful vocals come into play at the end of the chorus. This song asks us to give it our all when it comes to love, every single time. “But even if I lose it all, I got so much left to give, I won’t give up. My heart is on the frontline, not afraid.”

Shouldn’t Come Back- The playlist unwinds with this song. The acoustic guitar and lyrics reflects the tired frustration of struggling relationships. A deep one to put towards the end of the playlist. Not one of my favourites, but I’m sure many of you can relate. This is one the songs where you can feel the artist’s emotions directly translated into music.

Warrior- It’s like the sequel song to Skyscraper and beautifully wraps up the album. It’s really a song about Demi’s personal physical, mental and emotional struggles up till now. Probably one of the most honest songs I’ve ever heard come from an artist. You hear this song and you know its Demi, she has a way of pushing so much of herself into her music and it’s absolutely divine.

Demi’s a shoe-in for this year’s Grammys. Every song is strong on its own and placed in an album together, it’s just too much. You don’t usually expect every song to have such personality. This self-titled album is aptly named, illustrating Demi’s personality, her struggles and emotions as an artist up till now. It’s nice to see that even in the age of mindless fist-pumping dance beats and too many amateur pop artists, there are still artists like Demi who have real lyrics, real vocal ability and true stage presence. I strongly recommend you pick up this album, whatever your music preference is. You won’t regret it.

Here are some photos from her album photoshoot =)

Special thanks to wjoank for requesting this 😉 Hope you guys liked this long review. Feel free to like or follow me for new reviews and rants coming every day!

– Cloudy

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