Song Spotlight – Bring Me the Night

Sam-Tsui-Make-It-Up-2013-1200x1200Hey guys! I’ve got a Song Spotlight for you all today. The song is called “Bring me the Night” and it is sung by Sam Tsui, featuring Kina Grannis. Both artists come from Youtube and the song is featured on Sam Tsui’s debut album “Make it Up” that fans have been anticipating for months now. There are some great hits and very unique compositions in the album, but this is the one song that I have had on repeat for the past week.

Rating: 4.5/5 happy clouds45 Clouds Transparent

kinagrannis_photo_gal_5273_photo_100795686_lrThe poetic lyrics can be primarily interpreted as the feelings of missing a romantic other but also reminds me of friends, families or just people that matter to you in your life. The melody and the sounds are dreamy and romantic evoking nostalgia and almost a sweet longing for relief that only the night brings. It’s nice to see Sam and Kina, both whom are among the stronger singers of Youtube artists, sing this together. They voices mix perfectly. Kina was a great choice as the other half of the song.

“So bring me the night, send out the stars

Cause when I’m dreaming we don’t seem so far

Darken the sky, and light up the moon

So that somehow you’ll be here with me soon

Bring me the night

Bring me the night

That brings me to you”

There’s a lot of talent on Youtube that doesn’t seem to get enough credit from mainstream audience. Recently, a music video for the title song of the album has been released (produced by KurtHugoSchneider) as well as the lyric video for the fifth track of the album, Me Without You. 

I really hope they create a music video for this song. It’s one of the most beautiful duets I’ve heard in a while.

For more of Sam Tsui, check out his channel! .

For more of Kina Grannis, check out her channel!

Grab Sam’s new album her!

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