07-Ghost Manga Review

07ghostHello everyone. Happy Friday! Today we’re reviewing the 07-Ghost manga series that has recently been published in English. 07-Ghost takes place in a world previously governed by two opposing kingdoms, the Barsburg Kingdom and the Kingdom of Raags backed by the Eye of Rafael and the Eye of Mikhail respectively. In the present day, the Kingdom of Raags has been defeated and destroyed by the protagonist is Teito Klein who possesses the Eye of Mikhail. The world is divided into 7 Districts. Growing up as an orphan and a former slave in District 1, when he discovers that his father was the previous King of Raags, he flees to District 7 or what is known as the District of God, to seek sanctuary.

guardian“According to a legend over one thousand years ago… the old of death Verloren, committed a heinous crime in heaven and fled to earth. Once here, he invaded people’s hearts and terrorized them. Grieving over the events on earth… the overseer of heaven sent seven rays of light to punish the evil Verloren. They were known as the Seven hosts and are said to have sealed the evil Verloren away.”

Rating: 4.5 happy clouds45 Clouds Transparent I decided to rate this series rather high because of the unique world. It begins with the overarching dichotomy of Barsburg and Raags that survives through thousands of years, to the separate little Districts, down to the inner workings of the bureaucracy of District 1 and clergy of District 7, to Barsburg’s military academy and District 7’s training to be bishops. The story’s ability to flourish depends on the environment and socio-economic and political circumstances. The Kingdom of Barsburg rests on a precarious peach, having enslaved the people of Raags for centuries, they are still fearful of District 7 which is considered a neutral district. The different views and aspects of power are also thought-provoking as a whole. The military mostly relying on material forces and substances versus the bishops of District 7 who have been believed to be blessed by god through their ability to wield Zaiphon or life energy. Zaiphon is manipulated by a Baculus (a sort of staff) used to fight demons or Kor that come from the darkness. There are three types of Zaiphone: healing, offensive and manipulation.

BEWARE SPOILERS BELOW journeyThe first opening arc of the series focuses on Teito’s resurfacing memories of his father and of Raags, his escape from District 1 to sanctuary in the church, and his training in order to take the Bishop examination and return to District without inspection. At the same time, events are building and people are brooding behind the scenes. I like the way Yuki Amemiya and Yukino Ichihara handled the story in that there is a fair balance between developments of both District 1 and District 7, giving a – let’s say, God’s eye view – to the workings of the kingdom. The first arc prepares Teito with the skills (and partner) to face his future trials, almost like a training montage. (Especially since his Eye of Mikhail gets stolen).


frauThe story is generally categorized in action and supernatural while the art is fantasy oriented. The Bishops are rather well drawn and I could see shojo fans being attracted to the story for the art. The style of stroke and brush isn’t as harsh as hardcore shonen manga such as OnePiece or Shamen King so I’m entirely sure how to classify this manga so I’m going to leave it in the open for everyone. Personally I would say this manga would be great for all ages; however younger viewers may not understand the tension between the state and the church as well as the religious undertones of some of the script. The layout of the pages flow nicely and there is a healthy relation of image to text, probably because the series was the product of a partnership. The characters, though comedic at times possess startling complex personalities and pasts. Due to the clarity and style of the illustrator, faces are easy to distinguish from one another. One of the most unique things of the art is that the eyes of each character have their own tone to them which reflect their personalities versus the ever popular “same eyes but different hairstyles” technique… Also, each manga volume begins with a character overview and plot summary of the previous plot developments which is rather useful when English translated manga are constantly being produced weeks and months apart.


If you have some time this weekend and you’re looking for something exciting to kick you out of your work-drained self, check out this series. The action picks up right away and things never get boring in the slightest. I will be going out of town this weekend for the Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa so reviews or rants may not be as frequent but some travel-themed reviews will be coming soon due to my vacation plans. Please like or follow if you enjoyed this review and new content will be up soon. Thank you so much for reading!

– Cloudy

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