Karneval Episode 6 & 7 Review

Hi guys! I know I haven’t come out with a Karneval review for a while. I’ve been busying reading some new manga and rewatching Ouran. I’m  try and do these review as quick as the subbed episodes are uploaded. I’m sorry I’ve been behind lately with this series though so without further delay, let’s begin!

yotEpisode 6 Rating: 3.5/5 gloomy clouds35 Clouds gloomy

Episode 6 begins rather tragically, picking up where Gareki jumps in and kills Yotaka. Tsubame’s just devastated and everyone is shocked. The Varuga scientist escapes just before the opening credits… and Kiichi, a member of Circus’ first ship appears to saves Yogi from the Varuga’s severed hand that apparently can still attack on its own.  Hirato pursues the Varuga and captures him with the help of his magical spirit girls. Another Circus member (who also has a cool top hat) arrives.


girlsTsubame asks Gareki if Yogi is the one who killed Yotaka and Yogi explains that the Varuga (who killed Tsubame and turned Yotaka into a monster), were created by an organization named Kafka. There are two kinds of Varuga. One created through repeated cell fusion and the other that transforms due to cells damaged by Varuga blood or body fluid (like Yotaka). Circus’ mission is to hunt down Varuga and destroy Kafka. Yogi confesses that they were told that they would be saving people who had been innocently captured and turned into Varuga, but they’ve ended up killing the Varuga instead because the process is irreversible. Tsubame then asks Yogi and Gareki to kill her as well as she’s taken portions of the drugs, fears transforming and dreads a lonely life without her brother. This arc wraps up with a lot of sobbing and pain. After capturing the Varuga, Kiichi and another member of Circus named Jiki searches for evidence among the Varuga’s research. Kiichi and Jiki meet up with Hirato and Mr. Top Hat.


evilFlash out of Circus events to Kafka and Uro then back to Circus when events centered on Nai and Gareki begin to develop. It turns out that Gareki was on the ship that Circus sunk “back then.” The higher-ups always know things the main characters don’t. I’m very impressed with the members of Circus and the character introductions. Hirato reveals that everything that took place was according to plan and in conjunction with the First Ship. After Gareki was attacked by a bestial Varuga in the NIji forest, Circus used him as bait. Tsubame decides to leave with Circus as she has no one now. She blames Gareki for leaving her and her family many years ago.

hosTsubame is brought to the hospital where she visits her grandpa and tells him she will be leaving the village and that the people of Circus will be taking care of him. Tsubame overhears the nurses talking about a young man with black hair who has been paying for Tsubame’s grandpa’s medical needs all these years. Wow, Gareki’s “business” in Karasuna was to renew the lease on the land. Hirato asks him if he’s trying to safeguard the grave of his family and Gareki states that he has no family but Hirato easily sees through Gareki’s act. Hirato flies Gareki and Nai back to the ship. Tsubame offers herself to Circus for experiments to aid the quest to stop Varuga. The episode ends with a little touch of hope I guess… but Tsubame’s in store for a lot of suffering if she’s going to become a specimen.


Episode 7 Rating: 4/5 happy clouds 4 Clouds Transparent


The gang is back on the ship. Yogi, Nai and Tsukumo talk about Gareki’s spell of depression in the last few days. Yogi gives Nai and Gareki new clothes (they definitely look a lot more Circus-like!) LOL Tsukumo’s costume is just hilarious. The Circus visits another town; Gareki and Nai get to be in the parade with the other members. Nai struggles to understand Gareki’s feelings of family and we’re given a flashback of Nai and Karoku. Kiichi approaches Yogi (who’s in the cat suit) and tells him to search for their high-performance rabbit (under maintenance) from the First Ship has gotten lost in the parade. If its defense mechanisms are malfunctioning, it could attack civilians. Tsukumo volunteers to go but Yogi insists that he will find the rabbit. Finally, a little comedic relief! Yogi swaps cat costumes with Gareki so Yogi can find the rabbit. (LOLLLLLLLLLLLL) Nyanperona is suddenly not that friendly.


hahaJiki is rehearing lines for a love scene with Tsukumo, who’s still in the horse costume. The camera gives us a glimpse of the lost rabbit hiding amongst the theatre seats. Kiichi and Yogi are still searching. She continues to scold Yogi for getting soft in front of the enemy in the previous battle. They deduce that the rabbit must be at the Theatre Plaza and head there. Jiki thanks Tsukumo for being his romantic counterpart in the story and she points out his flawed interpretation of the story.

cantJiki and Tsukumo are performing their play where Tsukumo pretends to be a mermaid princess. One of the effects behind the scenes requires Tsukumo to escape through the bottom of the water tank/bottle. The malfunctioning rabbit appears and proceeds to seal the bottom of the bottle.


gightIva, Nai and Gareki are resting but Nai’s supersensitive hearing picks up Tsukumo who’s drowning in the water tank. Iva picks up on Tsukumo’s situation. Jiki realizes that Tsukumo’s having problems in the tank and is about to break her out but the rabbit appears and its malfunctions cause it to defend Tsukumo’s water prison. Yogi, Kiichi, Iva, Nai and Gareki arrive. Iva tells them to get on stage and improvise with the story to save Tsukumo. Kiichi captures the rabbit. Iva beating up Jiki on stage through the story and for Tsukumo’s sake is HILARIOUS. Yogi, Nai and Gareki break the water tank and save Tsukumo. Gareki smacks Yogi for the cat costume scheme. Yogi is relieved that Gareki is recovering from his depressed mood.


peerAt the hospital, the nurses are watching the parade on the television and doctor Akari is hard at work. Azana, another new character is introduced finds Akari to deliver a report. Azana is also holding a cage containing the little creature from Niji Forest who seems to be overly attached to Akari. Akari meets up with Hirato and Mr. Top Hat who still hasn’t been given a name… Mr. Top Hat asks Hirato to investigate Rinoll in his place.

three wink

The episode ends here! Hope you guys liked this recap and review. Episode 8 is coming soon.

– Cloudy

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