The Earl & the Fairy Review


Hi everyone! Today we’re reviewing a shojo, fantasy and light comedy series called The Earl & the Fairy. Although the light novel is still ongoing, the manga consists of only 4 volumes. I was actually expecting more of the story however the unique ending to the manga series lets the reader imagine his or her own conclusion…. which leads to a lot of fan fiction 😉

Rating: 4/5 happy clouds 4 Clouds Transparent

earlandfairy18Our heroine is Lydia Carlton, one of the few fairy doctors left in the world. She has the ability to see magical creatures that others can’t.  After a strange series of events in which she’s kidnapped and rescued, she’s thrown into Edgar Ashenbert’s strange world of fairies and nobles in search of the legendary sword of the Blue Knight Earl.

The expressions of the characters and the events of the story are wonderfully told through Ayuko’s artistic style. The plot is pretty interesting; it follows a mystery/investigation motif and ends with a unique twist. I also love the interactions between all the characters. Edgar’s background is tragic and dark. He surrounds himself with a small band of misfits. In a way, Lydia is very much similar. Having been alienated due to her unusual rust-coloured or “caramel” coloured (as Edgar puts it) as well as her strange abilities, she seems to understand a little of the sadness in the world and connects to Edgar through her kind-hearted nature.


The chemistry between Edgar and Lydia are very evident and despite Edgar’s flirty outer personality, we still see him develop as a three-dimensional character in the short set of volumes. I actually find Lydia’s cat, Nico, a little annoying but useful throughout the story. She warns Lydia to be wary of the Earl sort of acts as her sidekick, saving her life a few times. I really with there were more volumes to the manga so that I could see Edgar and Lydia officially become a couple but each of their exchanges through their adventure hints at romantic feelings enough to satisfy the amount of character and plot development that takes place throughout the manga series.

I hope you enjoy The Earl & the Fairy. Thank you so much for reading. Feel free to subscribe by WordPress account or email for new content that I try to post daily and I will talk to you guys very soon!


– Cloudy

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