Socrates in Love

d12ccd511cb5aa76d0bf2f83f9094c29Hi everyone. Today we’re reviewing a single manga adaptation of a novel called Socrates in Love. I didn’t think they that a regular length manga was enough to cram an entire story but the events went by pretty quickly.

Rating: 5/5 clouds with the feels  5 CloudswiththeFeels

“The precious people that we somehow manage to meet in this world… It’s easy to lose sight of them in this vast world of ours.”

Although the plot is classic akin to Asian drama series, I found the overall events really moving. The way the story is told gives an almost bittersweet tone to the story. It begins with a flashback of the future and a quiet narration, before it rewinds to the main events which begin when our two main characters meet. What makes this story is great is that it’s realistic. Sakutaro “Saku” Matsumoto is the main protagonist that narrates the events of his life and his short but sweet time with Aki Hirose from the moment they become class representatives together.

Saku’s feelings for Aki are wholeheatedly pure and devoted. Even when she falls terminally ill in the hospital, he stays by her side, supports and loves her till her last moments. She is the light of his world and the center of his universe. (If only guys like Saku existed in real life, right?)

Aki on the other hand is an interesting character on her own. We only see her from Saku’s point of view where he idolizes her almost into an embodiment of light and hope. However, Aki’s struggles with leukemia, Saku’s relationship with her and their turmoil of emotions, uncertainties and little joys are relatable to all readers.



“You be sure to hold hands with that precious person of yours.”

Another highlight is the relationship between Saku and his grandfather. At first, Saku doesn’t understand his grandfather’s story of his past love but decides to aid his grandfather in searching for his past love’s ashes. Towards the end, one of my favourite moments must be the part when Saku begs his grandfather to lend him money to take Aki to Australia.

I’ve been wanting to this manga for quite some time now but I could never really find it in stores until I stumbled upon it in the library. The ending really moved me to tears. If you’re in the mood for tragic yet beautiful story, give this volume a try. It’s a quick read but you won’t regret it.

Thank you guys for reading and I promise to post something much more cheerful tomorrow!

– Cloudy

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