Absolute Boyfriend Volume 1 Review

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Hey guys, so today we’re reviewing a classic shojo manga called Absolute Boyfriend. There are only six volumes and it’s by the amazing Yuu Watase who also wrote Fushigi Yugi. It revolves around a girl named Riiko Izawa who is desparate for a boyfriend. After being rejected by one of her classmates, she meets a weird “cosplay” salesman whom she returns his lost cell phone too and in return he gives her his company’s business card when he hears that she is looking for a boyfriend.  When Riiko logs on the site, she orders a custom tailored perfect lover/boyfriend and is delievered one the next day. She names him Night and is allowed a three-day trial with the boy? doll? before she has to return him.

tumblr_m6tpogO3IB1qcircgo1_400After three days, she forgets to return Night and ends up being charged his actual price of one million dollars because each custom feature on the boy cost ten thousand dollars each. Soon, she finds out that having the perfect mail-order boyfriend might not be so bad… except of course, the fee. Due to Riiko’s inability to pay, at the end of this volume, she makes a deal with the salesman who has been badgering her for payments, and decides to help Night collect research about other girls, relations, romance and etc. so that the company, Kronos Heaven, can create the perfect lover.

A very nice introduction to a series, wrapped up in a regular sized manga, this story gives an interesting twist to shojo that I found rather refreshing. Who wouldn’t want to order the perfect boyfriend? (Okay, maybe not, when he costs a million dollars). Fans of Yuu Watase will fall naturally into her signature manga style and the flow of the layout. A great laugh for shojo fans! Hope you guys enjoy!



– Cloudy

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