Karneval Episode 8 & 9 Review

1Hi everyone! I’m super excited to share these two episodes with you guys because they are by far, the most exciting and table-turning episodes. A lot of character and plot development takes place. We only know as much about Circus as Gareki and Nai… as the audience, we should probably know more. It’s not every day that the good guys are hiding things. But anyway, let’s get started!


Episode 8 Rating: 4.5/5 curiously excited clouds5 CuriousClouds Transparent

Azana drops off Nai, Gareki, Yogi and Tsukumo arrive at a blizzarding destination. Yogi calls Hirato an idiot and we flashback to when Hirato was reviewing the incidents and commotions that took place at the previous Circus such as Nyanperona acting out of character (thanks to Gareki LOL). Hirato then sends Tsukumo and Yogi to RInoll, the Ice Crystal Town and “Have a Brea” while they carry out additional investigations. Flashforward to when Yogi is complaining about Hirato as he’s caught onto Hirato’s plan. Hirato has also prepared a “gift” for the gang. It’s a Yukkin, a little warm snowman robot created by the design team courtesy of the Research Tower’s design team. IT’S SO ADORABLE! I WANT ONE! (Since it’s always freezing in Canada)


Gareki discerns that Hirato has the gang travelling together because the Varuga may attack again. Circus questions Akari for allowing Nai such freedom to roam about with the Circus crew. Akari notes several findings in his experiments such as the importance of the Niji’s natural environment and the importance of sounds to its physical wellbeing. The higher-up Circus members are worried/angry that the Varuga almost captured Nai but Hirato points out that Nai is a key player in luring the Varuga to Circus. Akari stops Hirato after the meeting due to his nonchalance in the eradication of a life. Hirato points out the difference in opinions between him, Second Ship Captain who takes lives and Akari, the scientist and doctor who saves lives.


rudeWhen the First Ship’s Captain (Mr. Top Hat), whom I believe is called Tsukitachi, steps in, Akari points out that while Hirato feigns politeness, Tsukitachi is just plain rude. AND THEN WE FINALLY GET SOMETHING ABOUT KAROKU. Tsukitachi says that Hirato is actuall kindhearted inside despite his harsh exterior and reminds Akari that Hirato was against the decision to dissect Nai because the higher-ups were having problems decoding Karoku’s notebook. Apparently, there’s also a transmitter in Nai’s bracelet so Circus is always keeping tabs on him. My guess of the relationship between Karoku and Nai is that though the Circus people could not genetically engineer a perfect Niji, Karoku succeeded and mixed one with human DNA to create something like Nai which is why Nai is so attached to Karoku who is both his owner and part of his original environment.

Nai is really an adorable little pet; he’s so innocent and carefree. The gang arrive at a vacation house owner by an executive office of a Kafka-related company the First Ship overtook. The gang is mainly responsible for a follow-up investigation to see if any evidence was overlooked or left behind. Turns out that Gareki and Nai were both experiencing snow for the first time! Yogi acts like a big brother in front of them, it’s so cute. There was nothing to be found in the mansion and they return to the ship. Nai notices that Yukkin is gone. It’s fallen into a whole and two strangers find him. Gareki asks Nai to listen carefully for the snowman’s force.


Two weirdos (from Kafka) are here. They arrived for the purpose of wiping away all remaining evidence in the mansion. Nai hears a sound and the gang finds the hole that Yukkin fell into. They go down to investigate. The hole seems to be manmade. Gareki jumps down to join them while Tsukumo stays behind. The tunnel in the hole leads to a room under the mansion. Yogi overreacts to the creepy dolls in the room and they find a small box that’s shaking.  Yukkin has wandered back to Tsukumo. The two weirdos decide to attack Tsukumo. Yogi is about to go up to the surface to help her and Gareki offers him a gun. Kiharu (the purple haired weirdo) fights Tsukumo. Yogi sends Tsukumo and Gareki away but Gareki insists that he can protect himself. Gareki offers Yogi backup in the fight. Tsukumo and Nai have a warm moment of camaraderie. The two Varuga argue over who to attack. Kagiri (the red haired weirdo) attacks with something called Rasudan Bug that causes Gareki and Yogi to temporarily lose their vision due to the rhythm of light signals transmitted to their brains. Something crazy happens to Yogi. He goes insane and attacks the Varuga with crazy strength. His vines whip out on their own and even his hair turns white.


Episode 9 rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds 4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Nai hears Yogi and attempts to run to the battle. Tsukumo tells Nai to hide while she goes back for Yogi. Kiharu and Kagiri run into Tsukumo. Kiharu tells Tsukumo that Yogi went insane. Kiharu fights Tsukumo, knocks her unconscious and captures her.From somewhere far away at a ball, Karoku has a headache (due to his connection with Nai, he can hear him for some reason). From the remains of the battle, Yogi pulls Gareki out of a vine cocoon that protected him. When Gareki knocks him in the head, Yogi turns back to normal and passes out. Gareki and Yogi run into Nai and the three return to the ship.

Azana attempts to help Akari with anything to do with the Varuga because Azana’s family was killed by the Varuga. Akari goes to work examining the three. Tsukumo wakes up tied and gagged to a chair. She’s actually at the ball place where we saw Karoku and Uro. Uro and Erisyuka are having a little spat about Karoku. Tsukumo bumps into Erisyuka. Tsukumo actually recognizes her but Erisyuka doesn’t recognize Tsukumo. Uro is somehow keeping Erisyuka for something… Uro orders the others to find Tsukumo.


yogiAt the ship, the physical examinations are complete. Akari talks with Nai and Gareki about Yogi. Akari asks for the details of Yogi’s transformations. The transformation has something to do with the patch on Yogi’s face that peeled off in his movements during battle. Akari tells Gareki and Nai that the members of Circus react to a sort of allergy that occasionally happens to members of special missions. Gareki notices how much Akari is hiding. Yogi’s transformation is something irregular… Gareki tells Akari that Yogi had a rusty box that was shaking. The box is actually with Kafka now since Kagiri and Kiharu… and the box could have helped Circus in they’re research. Tsukumo is in escaping through the forest. She contemplates suicide should the members of Kafka capture her as she does not want her body to be used for experiments but remembers Hirato’s faith in her and strengthens her resolve to live.


hmmAkari tells Nai and Gareki that even without the patch on Yogi’s face, his “allergy” shouldn’t have reacted that violently… unless he inhaled Varuga components (the stuff inside the box). When the patch fell off, the balance between his own cells and the foreign substances broke down causing him to go berserk. Gareki remarks on Yogi’s unstable condition. Gareki asks about Circus members’ abilities to fly and pull out weapons. Akari tells him to ask Tsukitachi. For this time, the two will be sent to the First Ship to rest.

Gareki says that Nai probably didn’t understand anything from the previous conversation but in Nai’s inner thoughts, he understands a lot more than Gareki gives him credit for. Nai believes that if he sleeps by the window, he may hear Tsukumo’s voice. Tsukumo is still running through the forest at night from both bestial Varuga as well as Kagiri and Kiharu. She runs into a greenroom and finds Karoku. Through the use of a hidden needle, I think he kills her… because you don’t usually pass out with your eyes open. Or is she stunned? T_____T TSUKUMO-CHAN NOOOOOO


Whoa, a lot has happened in these two episodes. CRAZY STUFF! It always takes me a while to get around to anime episode recaps and reviews but I get very excited once I do. I have a bunch of new anime series reviews lined up for you guys soon! Thank you so much for reading!

– Cloudy

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