30 Day Light Otaku Living Anime Challenge!!

Hi everyone! Today I’m really excited to share with you all my own 30 Day Light Otaku Living Anime challenge! ARE YOU UP FOR IT?!?!?!?!?

konata-amp-kagami ARE YOU READY?

1)     Very first anime series

2)      Favourite childhood anime

3)      Favourite anime of all time

4)      The anime character you relate to the most

5)      The anime character that would be your best friend

6)      Best anime couple

7)      Favourite shonen series?

8)      Favourite shojo series?

9)      Best genre or combination of genres

10)   The anime that gave you the feels

11)   The anime character(s) that you crush on

12)   Most epic battle

13)   Saddest anime ever

14)   Happiest anime

15)   Most epic story and plot overall

16)   Most hated character

17)   Most annoying character

18)   Favourite weapon or gear from an anime

19)   Favourite method of transportation

20)   Best gang of friends

21)   Funniest scene from an anime

22)   Most romantic moment

23)   Favourite location

24)   Favourite voice actor/actress

25)   Favourite Cosplay

26)   Amazing anime soundtrack

27)   An anime you would like a video game for (if one doesn’t exist already)

28)   An anime you want to see a sequel for

29)   An anime for which you wish there was no sequel

30) Most epic philosophy or life lesson


I love these challenges. They’re super fun to do and often remind you of much loved or hilarious anime that you’ve forgotten or set aside… I hope you guys enjoy this anime challenge and a 30 Day manga challenge will be uploaded very soon! (Yes, there are differences between the two) Thank you so much for reading! New posts are coming every day!!

– Cloudy

What are you pondering today?

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