Kobato Volume 1 Review

230px-Kobato01_coverHi everyone! I have an interesting new shojo manga for you guys today. It’s called Kobato and its written and drawn by CLAMP. After reading Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, I love finding other CLAMP series and figuring out where each of the characters in TRC come from. This series starts off a little strange. It follows a naïve and simpleminded girl named Kobato Hanato who is trying to cure people order to fill up a magical jar with wounded hearts and have her dearest wish granted. Her little companion is a fairly alcoholic verbally abusive magical stuffed animal that is suppose to guide her on her little quest.

Rating: 3/5 confuzzled clouds 3 Clouds Confuzzle

kobato01_page05We don’t learn much about the plot in the first episode and the chapters consist of the different snippets of Kobato’s first trial in order to earn the bottle to begin curing wounded hearts. Two things. First of all, where does this girl live and sleep? And secondly, does she ever eat? (other than the free stuff she’s given). The potty-mouthed stuffed animal named Ioryogi-san is pretty harsh on her. However, when another stuffed animal creature named Ginsei appears to antagonize Ioryogi-san, he threatens to wring Ginsei’s neck should he threaten Kobato.


I’m pretty sure that by the end of the series, Kobato will go back on her first wish or change as an individual and wish for something different. I’m not very convinced by the inner-workings of the world because I doubt there would be countless strangers on the street looking to employ a strange girl holding a stuffed animal for favours or work. I had been looking forward to reading this manga series for quite some time now but I’m not entirely sure I’d read further on though it has a good mix of shojo, comedy and magic. As always, I love the CLAMP art is right on par.


Thank you guys so much for reading! I’m going to be flying to Hong Kong tomorrow so stay tuned for travel rants and hotspot reviews coming very soon!

– Cloudy

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