Steinsgate Episode 1 Review

stiensHi guys! Today I’m changing things up from my regular style and I’m we’re reviewing a shonen, science fiction suspense anime called Steinsgate. It’s based on the visual novel by the same name (though hear the visual novel is even better than the anime).

“The universe had a beginning, but has no end. Infinite. The stars too, had beginnings, but their own power leads them to their destruction. Finite. History dictates that it is the wise who are the most foolish. One could call this a final warning from God, to those who can still resist.”

Rating: 4/5 confuzzled clouds  45 Clouds Confuzzle

Steinsgate is about a struggling scientist called Hououin Kyouma, nicknamed Okarin which comes from the alias: Okabe Rintarou that he uses to “deceive the general public.” who is researching time travel. The first episode is rather confusing but ends on a cliff-hanger that prompts you to episode 2. Characters introduced include Shiina “Mayushii” Mayuri and Super Hacker Hadshida “Daru” Itaru, the other members of the Future Gadget Lab who are against “The Organization,” whatever that is.



ohThe inciting incident is the murder of Makise Kurisu that leads to some strange time-travel flashbacks and flash-forwards. The episode ends with Okarin corresponding his text messages to those of Daru where he realizes that he’s sent a text message to the past. When the elevator opens to a designated floor, Okarin sees Makise Kurisu alive and well which obviously scares the crap out of him cause he was one who found her dead body earlier.

freakoutI thought this was a pretty good opening episode. Pilot episodes are usually rather slow paced but I felt that the events were introduced at a fair pace. I’m confused, but I’m also very curious to find out what happens next. Character-wise, none of the characters we’re introduced really have much of a personality. Okarin seems quite paranoid and others don’t seem to believe in his theories about the Organization but he makes for an interesting protagonist.


This series isn’t really my cup of tea but if you’re into science fiction and mystery, you’ll take a quick liking to the story. I highly recommend this series for everyone because apparently it gets really good as you continue into the anime. Anyway, thank you guys for reading and new posts are coming whenever I can find internet. I’ve just arrived in Hong Kong and strong wi-fi is really hard to find… Stay tuned!

– Cloudy

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