The Sacred Blacksmith Volume 1 Review

17409758Hi everyone! Today we’re doing a review on the first volume of the manga adaptation of The Sacred Blacksmith. I picked this book up on a whim at Anime North because the girl on the cover looked super badass. Apparently the series is thrown into the seinen category. I agree with the recommend age of 16+ for potential readers.

Rating: 5/5 happy clouds 5 Clouds Transparent

The story takes place in a land recovering from the devastations of the Valbanill war. Our heroine is Cecily Campbell, a knight sworn to protect the city of Housman. But what can she do when her sword, passed down to her from her father, shatters amidst battle? Cue the really good looking and badass blacksmith swordsman Luke Ainsworth. Unlike the classic fighter stances that all regular warriors possess, Luke wields a katana, a much lighter and versatile sword, capable of attacking deftly without the need for a shield.

I love the interactions between the characters. Cecily is like an open book, but she’s honest and righteous, determined to live up to the standards set by her predecessors. Luke on the other hand, is reluctant to get involved in anything that involves Demon Pacts and combat, however, he doesn’t hesitate to draw a weapon when his life as well as the lives of others are endangered.

At first, Luke is reluctant to forge a sword for Cecily but at the end of the first volume, she’s proven herself to be a noble (albeit reckless) knight. Luke respects her for the fact that Cecily cherishes sentiment with her family sword despite it being shattered.


I really love Kotaru Yamada’s art style. It’s clean and crisp; as well, the action scenes flow really easily into one another. The double page spread at the middle of the book really packs a punch. The dramatization of the action scenes is angled depicts a fluid stream of consciousness throughout battle. This is generally hard to do due to the fact that the story is being told as a manga. Often you get lost in the explosions and the movements. However, I found the layout of this story exceeding easy to follow.

If you are 16+ and in need of an exciting new read. I highly recommend this, not only for shojo but shonen as well.

Sorry posts aren’t as frequent as I’d like them to be internet is just not cooperating over here! Stay tuned for another Manga Versus Anime FIGHTO! coming very soon! Till next time!


– Cloudy

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