House of the Dancing Waters Review

DSC_0259Hey guys! I recently visited Macau and as promised, today I’m gonna share a really awesome experience with you all. To be honest Macau never really appealed to me even as its deemed the Las Vegas of the East. Macau is filled with casinos and fancy shows. One of which is the House of the Dancing Waters, an aquatic cirque that showcases acrobatics, contortionists, beautiful dance and diving. It’s probably even more popular than Cirque de Soleil which has been running for quite a few years now.

Rating: 5/5 happy clouds 5 Clouds Transparent

I usually enjoy live performances and this show was no exception. Though tickets are a tad pricey. The production as a whole is worth the little cringe in your wallet. Relatively new, having opened for only 2-4 years, its still catering to audiences of all ages. However, from where I sat, kids and toddlers were crying left and right.

Despite the minor interruptions at the beginning of the show due to overly-excited and chatty tourists, I soon found myself thrown into a world of grand flips, spectacular dives, brilliant story-telling and stunning special effects. The music, written by Benoit Jutras fuses western and eastern to reflect the opposing elements of the story that unfold in pairs. The main theme and first song, “Dancing Water” is probably my favourite because it takes you back to the moment the lights darken and the fisherman appears, carefully rowing along the river, fate’s little incident that throws a handful of strangers into one strange story.


The stage direction is absolutely brilliant. The production utilizes all the elements of visual art- line, shape, colour, form, balance, movement and repetition to create a three dimensional experience numerous times more exciting, extraordinary and immediate than cinema, stage or even broadway. Showcased in a 360 round theatre, spectators from any seat is able to perceive the story from their own unique perspective.

Here are some photos my dad grabbed while I was WAY too distracted to take my own photos. As always, lighting is extremely difficult to gauge on stage…

The elements of water, light and fire are manipulated in conjunction with one another to create stunning effects that lend weight to the storytelling. The transitions are utterly seamless. And that’s what stage magic should be. Due to my background as a dancer and experience on stage, I can usually deduce the workings behind stage magic. This time, I’m really stumped. One minute we’re watching the fisherman dive into the lake, next he’s crawling onto shore. The set is immensely flexible, able to transform into multiple platforms, and act as a medium for water effects as well as acrobatics

If you get the chance, take a trip to Macau, even for just a day. Try the Portuguese styled egg tarts, porkchop buns and grab some yummy souvenir samples as you shop around. Be sure to catch the House of Dancing Waters and maybe try your luck at a casino. The City of Dreams awaits!


– Cloudy

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