When You Wish Upon a Star


Hey guys! Today I’m also very excited to review Disneyland Tokyo! I visited both Sanrio Puroland and Disneyland in the same day so I spent a lot of time on public transportation that day. The great thing about Disneyland in Tokyo is that there’s a special discount ticket available for all ages after six in the evening which makes Disneyland not only a great tourist attraction for families, but for local couples as well.

Rating: 4/5 happy clouds4 Clouds Transparent

Of the handful of Disneylands that I’ve been too, this one is definitely small compared to the huge Disneyworld in Orland, Florida. However, despite its size, it has all the big attractions that Disneyland is known for. You can dive into Wonderland with the Alice in Wonderland teacup ride or fly through the universe in Tomorrowland with Buzz Lightyear. Whether you’re looking for laughs with Monsters Inc., hitting the Wild West, or looking for crazy rides in Adventure land, Disneyland Tokyo has all the main attractions that Disney parks are use to. I particularly liked the retelling of Snow White through ride and the story of Cinderella portrayed through the various visual art interpretations.

Due to the park’s 30 year Anniversary, there’s a wishing tree at the centre of the World Bazaar and tons of merchandise bearing 30th Anniversary golden commemorative bling. However, the highlight of my visit had to be the Electrical Parade that takes place after dark…

Be sure to check out Disneyland whenever you’re in Tokyo! There’s even fireworks at the end of the night so it’s a definitely a must on your list of attractions.  Hope you guys liked this review and thank you guys so much for reading!

– Cloudy

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