ClariS Second Story Album Review

Hey guys, today I’m really excited to review Clari’s Second album called “Second Story.” I was in Japan when the album released and the hype is pretty huge! You might know them from the opening song of Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake (My Little Sister Can’t be This Cute), “Irony,” as well as the songs from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, “Connect” and “Luminous.”


SecondStoryOn first glance, Clara and Alice are so cute but they’re not just kawaii, they’ve got amazing voices that truly complement each other making them the best duo. Originally called Alice Clara and later combined into ClariS, the girls gained popularity by covering different songs featured in animes and by Vocaloids. Their debut album “Birthday” was released in April last year and they’ve already gained a good number of fans and followers. Their second album “Second Story” was released just last week on June 26 with “Luminous” leading and “Reunion” soaring high on the charts.

DSC_0394bNot every song is as striking as the ones on Birthday, with singles each distinct from one another. Personally, I really liked the album as a whole because it solidified ClariS’ signature style and sound within the music industry. I got tired of “Birthday” within a few days, but I’m constantly clicking back to the tunes on “Second Story” especially the album’s opening song as well as “Rainy Day” and “Hanabi” which gives a very feudal Japan mood. It’s one of those albums great for blasting while you’re on the subway or walking home.

Check out ClariS’ official site: If you guys haven’t listened to the album yet, I strongly recommend you order it online or download the virtual tracks because it’s really worth listening to it. It’ll give you that extra bounce in your step this summer!


– Cloudy

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