Karneval Episode 10 & 11 Review

It has been WAY too long and I’ve missed Karneval WAY too much. This post should have come earlier today but I am seriously jet-lagged and slept through the day! Gomenasai!

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Episode 10 Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds 4 CloudsExcited Transparent


Episode 10 begins rather creepily. We get the sense that Tsukumo has died, and her body is left on a boat, floating down the river until some townsfolk discover her. Just then, Hirato comes to wake her from a state of clinical death. Meanwhile, Gareki and Nai are taken under the care and watch of the First Ship where they’re made to do chores by Kiichi and become slightly intimidated by Jiki.

cchores cute

A high performance rabbit is struggling with fur balls and Nai offers to brush him. The other rabbits get jealous and after Gareki and Nai take care of the rabbits, the rabbits help Nai and Gareki with they’re chores.


Tsukitachi brings word of Tsukumo’s return and of Yogi’s state of health. Gareki also asks after Tsubame and her grandfather. Over their dinner conversation, Tsukitachi agrees to tell Gareki about the source of Circus’s power.

lool threat

tsuJiki attempts to test Gareki and Nai’s reflexes on the ship and scares the crap out of both of them when he pins Gareki to the ground leaving Nai to reflect on his threat-filled words. When Nai sneaks out to find Jiki, he’s detained by the high performance rabbits and brought to Tsukitachi. Nai is ever worried that everyone gets hurt because of him but Tsukitachi assures him that Nai’s also a great help to Circus and encourages Nai to take this opportunity to find his friend Karoku. Tsukitachi asks him where Nai wishes to return to and where or what Gareki desires.

pat“Choose the best thing you can do now in order to get a step closer to your dream. If you care for others, don’t just feel guilty but get to know their dreams.”

Flash-out to the hospital where Yogi is trying to sneak out the window in order to find Nai and Gareki. Akari stops Yogi and tells him that the ship is off to Vinto, a government wildlife sanctuary that protects rare and unique creatures, most who have been targeted by poachers. Tsukitachi takes Gareki to the source of Circus’ power while Nai, Jiki and Kiichi go with the members of the Life Division to investigate the number of dead poachers that have been found near the animals.


capabTsukitachi takes Gareki to an environment, specifically a lake where creatures have been living and evolving into states of high energy production and regenerative capabilities. Through research and cell extraction, the cell Incura was discovered and through Circus bracelets, individuals can harvest power. However, the side effects are the physical and mental toll that the cell exerts on its users. Members of Circus must go through rigorous training.

bancheAs the other group investigates, Kiichi concludes that the culprits must be the Varuga. From the report, she’s learned that the victims were limited to poachers. Nai catches sound of something and freaks out from a moss lizard… but that’s not what Nai heard.

A giant horse-unicorn creature appears and the situation takes a turn for the worse when the creature, Kiri attacks the group. Kiichi prepares to kill Kiri and Murano, one of the guides, is shocked at what’s taking place. As Kiri attacks Nai, Yogi arrives, just on time, to save him. It is revealed that Murano gave Kiri a drug to keep him alive, a drug he received from someone who claimed to be under Akari. Kiichi succeeds in slaying Kiri.


sorYogi, Gareki and Nai return to the second ship where they reunite with Tsukumo. Jiki also beams onto the ship, having been given orders to stay with Nai and Gareki… and just before the episode ends, we’re given a glimpse of Karoku and his situation.


Later that night, Nai finally asks Gareki where he wishes to go and Gareki reflects on his own life, where he’s tried to prove himself but concludes that he has no place to go and wishes to stay for a while.

“I don’t have such a place, nor would I have the right to go there! … But I want to stay here a little longer.”

We are finally finding out more about Circus and the other characters! What happened to Tsukumo? What’s Gareki’s past? Must continue reviewing!

Episode 11 Rating: 5/5 curiously excited clouds55 CuriousClouds Transparent


This episode begins with Hirato and Tsukumo meeting with the leader of the Lindain Group who reveals that some companies associated with the Gardo Corporation are keeping “monsters.” The group on the second ship are finally given a day off. Jiki goes off on his own, leaving Yogi, Gareki and Nai to their own fun… well, mostly Yogi and Nai. Yogi brings them to a Nyanperona shop LOL Gareki makes a scene when he claims Nyanperona to be a mere costume. When the gang rushes out of the store, they meet Yanari who threatens to expose Nyanperona to the children unless they help him look for a pasta shop with a blue roof and black gate.

day aiya hah get m

setOn the other side of town, Jiki is amusing himself in a garden shop of flowers and other plants. On the ship, Azana is reporting the events of Vinto to Akari. Hirato is suspicious that there is a traitor in the Research Tower and Azana asks if Hirato found any clues. In a flashback of Hirato and Akari, Hirato says that Circus has no clue who it was that claimed to be Akari’s subordinate and who is leaking information. (To be honest I think Azana might be the most suspicious one…) But then some mysterious dude in black hair has overheard and closes the door just as Akari and Azana finish their conversation!

Meanwhile, Tsukumo and Hirato are being told that the companies are replacing they’re employees at an unusually quick pace and employees who leave mysteriously die from sickness, accidents or simply disappear.

Yogi, Nai and Gareki are helping Yukari find his pasta shop and are watched by Rissun, mascot of Vantam, a guide for the city (who’s also someone in a pink squirrel costume). Yukari is surprised when Nai calls him his friend and asks him how they became friends… how to even become friends with someone?

LOL naiblon mother

haiHirato and Tsukumo overhear the president of the Lindain group talking to someone over the phone about his missing son Yukari. Hirato issues out an emergency call to the other members of Circus. Just then, Yanari and Nai are attacked by Rissun and the other guards come to apprehend them. Hirato improvises and allows Nai, Yogi and Yanari to escape to fulfill his wish. Yanari finds the house (where his mother should be living) to hear that his mother’s passed away from illness in the last month.

ohWe hear about Yanari’s story now, where his mother left due to her frustration with her husband’s work. Yanari claims that he’s unable to make friends due to his father’s work and fears that he will become like his father, worse and worse. Yogi smacks him back to his senses and comforts him, reassuring him of his pure heart and his friends. Recorded in a little robot toy that Yanari made for his mother, Yanari hears her last words to him.

cry kifate

kaNai, Gareki and Yogi part with Yanari…. It’s so touching! Yanari thanks Nai for reaching out to him erlier and Nai tells him that it’s what Gareki, Yogi and Karoku did for him in the past. Yanari seems to recognize Karoku’s name…

keNai gets a call from Yanari later that evening. Yanari says that he’s heard Karoku’s name from a girl in the selection school he was attending, a girl named Erisyuka.

Gareki reflects on Hirato’s words earlier, “Would you like to become one of the children of the Second Ship?” Gareki wonders if that’s Hirato’s way of inviting him to fight with Circus. Just as Nai visits Gareki in his room, Nai passes out upon receiving a message from Karoku. Karoku tells Nai that he was forcefully taken away, and asks him to come right away… because he’ll soon be killed. Nai knows that Karoku’s at the Smoky Mansion now.

secowge wgegeeee

Over a group discussion, along with the good doctor. He warns them that the Smoky Mansion is difficult to infiltrate because it is one of Kafka’s main research institutions. Unless there is concrete evidence, Circus will not be allowed to raid the place. Nai insists on going and Gareki offers to go with him. Yogi and Tsukumo also volunteer to leave their Circus ID’s behind to trespass. Hirato quiets the group as he enters, saying that he will take full responsibility of the raid.


BEST EPISODE SO FAR!!! Episode reviews for 12 & 13 coming soon ASAP!

– Cloudy

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