Karneval Episode 12 & 13 FINALE REVIEW

Episode 12 Rating: 5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_55 CuriousClouds Transparent


yoglistenNai is given one more medical inspection while Hirato is having a meeting about the mission. Gareki asks Hirato what it means to be a “child of the Second Ship.” Akari fervently opposes the mansion but Hirato and Tsukitachi persuade him to agree. The Smoky Mansion is where Tsukumo was held captive, where she caught of glimpse of Erisyuka, who is connected to Yukari, whose father went missing just recently. Akari suggests that they report to the Consulate Tower and receive permission but Tsukitachi and Hirato claim that by the time they receive approval, the leads will be lost. If in fact it is an SOS from Karoku, it will be the key to the mystery of Nai and Karoku as well as offer answer about Karoku’s notebook. Akari’s one condition for agreement is that the team brings him along and Hirato agrees.


gaeuseGareki confronts Hirato about the mission. Hirato tells him that he is unable to reveal details of the mission to a mere civilian. Garkei tells Hirato that there is no reason for him to stay and Hirato asks him whether he wants to leave or go to the Smoky Mansion. Both the crew of the First and Second Ship prepare to infiltrate the mansion. The transmission to an unknown location from the second ship (probably to the higher-ups) Hirato asks if it was jammed and his subordinate confirms that it was completely blocked.

Hirato prepares the members of Circus to fight. Yogi and Gareki pretend to be an innocent organization and push through the main entrance. Uro and the other members of Kafka hear word of Circus. Erisyuka finds Karoku and tells him that Uro asks him to return to his room. Karoku knows that someone is here to see him. From the little device that Gareki slipped out from the guards, he’s located a map and disabled the security system. Yogi comments at how amazing Gareki is. After Gareki gives full control to Hirato on the ship, the rest of the teams are sent down. (Rabbits versus guards – Circus-1, Kafka-0)


gioglasUro releases the Varuga to fight with Circus. The Smoky Mansion is thrown into chaos. Erisyuka continuously pounds on Karoku’s room and refuses to leave without him. Erisyuka panics when she thinks that Tsukumo might Karoku’s beloved visitor when all of a sudden, Tsukumo and Iva bursts in from the window. Gareki and Yogi work together while Jiki guards Nai as he attempts to listen for Karoku. Tsukumo, along with Iva confront Uro. Iva and Tsukumo fight Uro. FINALLY! Some intense battle scenes where we get to see how BADASS Circus truly is!

Akari is shocked when Azana starts deleting Kafka information. Azana claims that Circus is continuously losing because Kafka is really on the side of justice. Azana attempts to coerce Akari onto Kafka’s side. Nai is heartbroken at the fighting around him and we are given flashbacks of when he was in Niji form and spending time with Karoku. His powers somehow activate!


Nai’s powers opens the gate! Tsukumo and Iva capture Uro. The episode ends on that cliff-hanger!

Episode 13 Rating: 5/5 curiously excited clouds 55 CuriousClouds Transparent

invite goWhen Nai sees the rainbow as a result of the opened gate, Jiki and Nai head down to find Karoku. Gareki and Yogi are still fighting while the minions of Kafka are being arrested. Tsukitachi also begins investigating. Yogi fears that it is too dangerous for Gareki and offers to take him back to the ship. Gareki knows that he is being a burden to Yogi because of his lack of power. Gareki implores Yogi to take him along to the rainbow.

arrest meplcrybeg

Akari is trying to shake Azana to his senses. Azana reveals that even Murano enlisted the help of Varuga to save Kiri. Azana freaks out and Hirato appears to execute him. The mysterious man, Ikami, who overheard Akari and Hirato earlier, is actually under Hirato and chases after Azana. Tsukitachi happens upon an explosion which triggers several others in the mansion. Tsukitachi saves Kiichi JUST ON TIME!!

Uro escapes from Tsukumo and Iva’s trap and the fight continues!

wah banbalan

Yogi and Gareki meet up with Nai and Jiki. They all head towards the bottom of the rainbow where Karoku supposedly is. A Varuga appears and they hear that there is a time limit to the opening of the gate. Jiki fights the Varuga to stall for time as Yogi flies himself, Gareki and Nai to Karoku. Uro attacks the threesome but Yogi is aided by Tsukumo and Iva, buying enough time for Gareki and Nai to jump into the gate/portal.

As Yogi threatens Uro for the key to the gate, the light from the gate explodes and encompasses all. Nai and Gareki finally find Karoku. But… there are two Karokus? One on the ground and one standing before Nai. The evil Karoku tells Nai that the Karoku who lived with Nai in niji forest is already inside him. The world within the gate is controlled by Karoku and strangely, he released them. The real Karoku was brought into Circus and revived by Akari but has yet to regain consciousness.

Tsukitachi and Hirato are both answering to the higher-ups. Gareki talks to Hirato about entering a government school. He first wanted to stay with Circus to get revenge on the Varuga. Hopefully, by entering a government school, he will be able to learn some skills and be able to become strong to fight Varuga someday.

aware confuzsresltloathe learn

Nai, Tsukumo and Yogi are lamenting at Gareki’s sudden departure to a school. Yogi reveals that coming to Circus, his family register and data was modified in order not to endanger his loved ones. Now, everything he has is from Circus. Gareki is preparing to leave the ship. Tsukumo, Nai and Yogi go to bid him farewell. Yogi gives Gareki a Nyanperona toy. Tsukumo gives him a Niji plusie and Nai finally offers Gareki the Circus wristband, but Gareki tells Nai to continue calling out to Karoku and ask permission. Gareki tells the three of them that they will soon come back with proper credentials to join Circus.

The last scene shows Karoku finally waking up in the infirmary…


WAHHH! I can’t believe Karneval is finally done! It’s been a pretty amazing series! What did you guys think of Karneval? Was it everything you expected? More? Less? Personally, I think the ending was absolutely amazing. All the other parts of the plot were building up to this last bang! There are definitely more questions to be asked, like why there are two Karokus and what’s going to happen to Gareki? and I really hope they make a season 2 where Gareki comes back as a totally kickass member of Circus!


10221317Karneval was a pretty good fantasy action anime with a little suspense and a lot of mystery. The plot dragged on a bit towards the middle with some slow plot development but all the events were relevant in some manner to the main storyline. The art is absolutely gorgeous… and if you guys love the art style as much as I did, totally check out the artbook. I recently picked it up on my trip to Japan and it’s amazing! Internet images you download and save just don’t compare to the real thing! As well, the rabbit and sheep minion official plushies have been recently released in Japan as well. I would have grabbed one but my flight returned the day before they came out! >.< Also, there have been Karneval mini figures, buttons and even hand towels out for sale. Karneval merchandise is going crazy! Looks like I have some online scouring to do.

Karneval (2)

These four episodes get really intense really quickly and if you haven’t watched them, well, you should definitely get on that! I hope you guys enjoyed Karneval as much as I did but now that it’s over, I can’t wait for summer animes to be released soon!

Thank you guys for reading my Karneval recaps and reviews even though they’re often a bit late… Thank you all so much for following and keeping up with me! New posts are coming every day! A summer anime preview post in on the way already!

– Cloudy

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