DSC_1130Hi guys! Today I’m really excited to review this AMAZING store in Japan called Animate. It’s the largest retailer of anime, manga, hobby and game goods in Japan. Though I do love scoping the streets and stores for deals on figures, Animate is probably one of my favourite stops in Electric Town, Akhiabara just because it has all the new anime merchandise that I’m looking for this year (i.e. K Project or Karneval).

There are seven floors in total with each level specializing on a certain aspect of goods. The uppermost floor is a special feature floor, below that there is one floor for audio CDs, one for video and visuals, two for merchandise – separated into shonen and shojo goods, as well as one floor for manga and a ground floor for weekly manga magazines souvenirs and art books. From what they showcase in the store, you’re also given a pretty expansive outline of what animes are a hit, which games are new and what manga is being anticipated. It’s also a great place to look for cosplay!

I would definitely advise a trip to Animate if you’re looking for some sweet new merch and considering that there are thirty-eight stores spread out across Japan, it won’t be hard for you to find one wherever you happen to vacationing.

Check out these cool photos I snapped while browsing through the store!


– Cloudy

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