Fantasista Doll Episode 1 Review

  kRating: 2/5 gloomyclouds 2 Clouds gloomy

I downloaded and watched this episode because I glimpsed it in the new releases list and compared to the up and coming magic girl animes this season, Fantasista Doll just doesn’t make the cut. I found the elements of this magic world to be a combination of Rozen Maiden and Cardcaptors, a mashup that didn’t really excite me. I don’t have much to say, other than the fact that it’s another typical magic girl series. There aren’t many characters aside from the protagonist Uzume and her dolls. Unless you’re really into the regular rhythm of the genre, I don’t see any new surprises with this one.

The art  is very simple and the dolls are kawaii… What do you guys think?

– Cloudy

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