Makai Ouji – Devils and Realist Episode 1 Review

viRating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds4 CloudsExcited Transparent

I want to rate it higher, yet it’s not as refreshing as I thought it would be… The first episode of Devils and Realist gives a very nice explanation of the general plotline and story. It’s a good starting point for fantasy animes.

Characters introduced…

arghWilliam Twining- A brilliant, somewhat arrogant and very practical protagonist; he doesn’t believe anything of the supernatural category and is a strong proponent of the scientific community. He is the bearer of Solomon’s soul,  the King who subdued seventy-two demons called pillars and sealed them in some vessel.

oKevin Cecil- A butler for the Twining family. His family has been serving the Twinings for many generations.

Dantalion- The Grand Duke of Demons of the Thirty-Six Armies of Hell; he is one of the candidates running to be interim leader of hell.

Ballberith- Mentioned but not seen, he’s another Grand Duke who is running to be elected onto the emperor’s throne.

ringWhat We Know…

– The current Emperor of Hell, Lucifer is in a deep slumber, and the other Grand Dukes are fighting over who will be leader. The Elector plays some sort of grand role amongst the political strife. King Solomon, William’s ancestor was once Elector. He had some sort of contract with Dantalion.

oeg– In hell, the only way to rise up in social hierarchy is to kill another demon more powerful than you… Also, those who become Nephilim (demons who were once human), were humans who offered up souls to Lucifer in their lifetimes; basically, humans who were previously mass murderers.

What I Loved…


The comedy scenes! The interactions between William and Isaac are cute and hilarious. The exaggeration of facial expressions and sudden chibi transformations adds a nice touch of comedy to this dark story. However, my favourite scene this episode must be the one where Kevin sneaks up on Dantalion behind the bushes and ties him up LOL

fireThe action! The cinematography of the battle between the two demons, specifically towards the end of the episode is shot and directed very smoothly especially considering that the fight was done mid-air.

Dantalion! He’s handsome, badass and really funny! I can’t wait to learn about his backstory because any mention of his past seems to tick him off

What I Hope to See…

aheo– More King Solomon flashbacks with Dantalion? (Unlikely though, as it would reveal too much before the pace of plot development)

– Some family history about the Twinings (I think the family ring is a key factor in all of this)

– More fight scenes between Dantalion and other demons. William probably won’t learn to fight anytime soon but it seems like he has other powers over the demons

m– A lot of fan-service (LOL) because I don’t think there are any female characters

Random Thoughts…

I love the voice actor for Dantalion. Takum Terashima is also the voice for Ittoki-kun from Uta-no Prince Sama!

brWilliam and Kevin really remind me of Oz and Gil from Pandora Hearts! The resemblance is uncanny!!

In general I found the art and character design rather simple with the exception of the demons who have elaborate costumes and much more detail in their appearance. The balance of dark and light elements of this anime really strikes my fancy. I think I’m going to keep watching this one to see where the story heads.Recommended for shonen fans as well as fans of Maoyuu Maou Yuusha and Black Butler or any fans who enjoy fantasy, action and magic.

– Cloudy

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