How Sweet is too Sweet?


It has been grey and gloomy since I got back to Canada and the rainy weather can really get you down. So lately, I’ve been munching on these super sweet and fruit hard candies I got from Sticky in Hong Kong. Located in K11, underground in one of the branches of Tsim Sha Tsui’s giant MTR station, these candy makers are cool and collected professionals even as they handle hot and gooey hot candy.

IMG-20130617-00035Inside the store, there are tons of flavours and designs to choose from. Every candy is made and designed to show a little picture
or words settled in the innards of the candy. The candy starts off as a giant roll and chunk of hot mouldable sugar. The candymakers keep rolling and stretching the candy till the roll becomes small and thin enough to cut into the little chunks that we pop into our mouths. The process is totally mesmerizing to watch!

K11 is a little mall within the station that specializes in confectionary and desserts. If you have a sweet tooth like me, it’s the place to go to for gourmet chocolates, specialty cupcakes and other tasty treats!

Thanks for tuning into another little travel blurb! Stay tuned for another feature found in K11!

– Cloudy

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