Free! Episode 2 Review

hotThis series is literally what I look forward to every Wednesday! Episode 2 picks off where Episode 1 left off, with Haru and Rin preparing to race. They jump into the water, and the scene flashes out! This episode mainly focuses on the formation of the Iwatobi Swim Club. Mako, Nagisa and Haru get reprimanded for trespassing another school’s swim club, and when they’re released from the office, Mako and Nagisa bump into Gou *cough” I mean, Kou – Rin’s sister.

Rating: 5/5 curiously excited clouds55 CuriousClouds Transparent

FAVOURITE MOMENT OF THE EPISODE: Kou staring at Haru as he’s drying off (*SQUEAL* I know how you feel, girl)

redI really like Kou’s character already. She’s a really concerned sister and she’s willing to go lengths to help her brother with whatever he’s dealing with. As well, we’re introduced to another side character, Ama-chan sensei, a teacher who has some background with swimsuit design (?) who becomes the new faculty advisor for the swim club.

opeThe next step is to find one more member to fulfill the administration requirement of four starting members and clean up the pool to make it usable! Nagisa’s really a driving force with the story’s events so far. His enthusiasm is really what got the club started and he’s not just a perky ball of energy, he’s really willing to get down and do the dirty work as well. I totally love the montage of when the boys are fixing the pool and advertising their club.


smileThe supporting character best friend to the protagonist role is always loaded with responsibility and we see that developing in Makoto’s character. Mako tells Kou that Haru quit the swim club after the first year of middle school and that he hasn’t been swimming competitively since. After seeing how much effort Haru is putting into the restoration of the pool, he’s glad that Haru has come to terms with himself and decided to swim competitively again.

okiIn Mako and Kou’s conversation, it’s revealed that in the race between Rin and Haru, Rin was the victor, yet he wasn’t happy at all. On the other hand, Haru seems to be the one who has reconciled with his inner struggle, once more remembering that great and pure feeling of being in the water. Makoto notices that Haru is back to his old self, the Haru who just loves swimming and doesn’t care about time records or wins. Kou then asks to join the swim club, as she knows that the three boys are the only ones who can help her brother go back to his old self.

After dinner, Mako revisits his old swim club and runs into… some weird pizza delivery guy? It’s actually Coach Sasabe (captured in the background of all those childhood photos at the pool). In their conversation, Mako founds out that in the winter of the boys’ first year in middle school, Haru ran into Rin and they had a race. Despite Rin’s attendance at a prestigious swim school, Haru won easily.


“I see. So that’s why Haru quit swimming competitively. It’s because he hurt Rin.”


childI love how well Makoto understands Haru and he’s such a kind-hearted and sweet guy! I love him!!!

The episode ends with Mako giving Rin a call, asking him to join the swim team so that the four of them can meet at a tournament. In fact, Rin’s already planned on joining the swim team, but he’s not doing it to swim with the boys again…


As soon as the pool’s finished being restored, Haru strips in public (obviously wearing his swimsuit underneath) and jumps into the pool, much to the exasperation of others and even though it’s too cold to swim LOL

I like how the writers made use of different characters to reveal certain events or back stories to the audience. This way, we get glimpses of the past, but it’s not repetitive and dumped on us all at once dragging the story down. As the characters interact, little pieces of information fall into place and the great thing about this episode is that it answers a lot, but keeps us interested enough to continue watching.

I’ve already watched episode 2 three times while writing this review. I can’t wait for the episode!! I GOTS TO SEE IT NOW!!!

– Cloudy

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