Kannagi Shrine Maiden Volume 1 Review

Kannagi1_500touchHey guys, I recently picked up a copy of Kannagi Crazy Shrine Maiden by Eri Takenashi. It came out around 2006 and it’s still ongoing which is CRAZY INTENSE so I finally decided to check it out to see what all the fuss was about.

It follows a boy named Jin who carves a statue out of wood taken from a sacred tree after its been taken down. Out of this statue pops out a goddess named Nagi and their crazy adventures start when Nagi begins living with him. Nagi was the shrine maiden in charge of keeping the “defilement,” the impurities of Shinboku, in check but now that her powers are reduced to the decimation of the sacred tree, the defilement are becoming active. Strangely Jin is able to see and physically touch the defilement so he and Nagi make a pretty good team against the defilement.

Rating: 4/5 happy clouds 4 Clouds Transparent


At the same time a lot of comedy ensues when Tsugumi, Jin’s childhood friend finds out that there’s a strange girl living at his house. For now, Nagi is claiming to be Jin’s half sister and has just decided to attend the same school as Jin. LOL

Oh and one more thing… Nagi has two personalities living inside her…

Towards the end of the first volume, we’re also introduced to Nagi’s younger sister, Zange who is set on becoming the idol of Kannagi town. She seems cheerful and innocent but she really has inner motives of acquiring worshippers and followers to strengthen her spiritual powers and remain a goddess forever.


The art is simple and clean-cut. The mood is funny and also serious, it bounces back and forth from the two extremes to hit a strange mix in the story dynamic. I like Nagi’s character designs a lot because she doesn’t look like a typical magic girl or goddess archetype. Her image and colouring is striking enough that I would remember her as a unique female protagonist above other generic ones. It was the design of the manga that caught my eye while I was browsing through the shelves of the library.


I can’t say I’ve ever encountered a manga series like Kannagi Crazy Shrine Maiden. It’s an interesting twist in what I usually read. Give it a try, it definitely changes up the rhythm of your manga reading.

Thanks so much for reading! More summer anime reviews are coming soon!


– Cloudy

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