Brothers Conflict Episode 2 Review

Hey guys, sorry this is a bit late for you Brothers Conflict fans but I’ve been waiting for the results from the poll. Thank you everyone for voting! I’m going to leave the poll open for one more week for anyone who still hasn’t voted or is waiting for episode 2 reviews before you decide on your summer animes.


The second episode is still more of an introductory episode following from the pilot. Chi is stll settling into her new family and her GIANT HOUSE. Have you guys noticed that the individual bedrooms have doorbells? LOL


Rating: 3/5 happy clouds 3 Clouds Transparent

This episode was mainly focusing on Subaru’s 20th birthday party. He’s… one of the many brothers. I think it’ll take a few episodes for us to be able to match names to faces as easily as the siblings themselves.

minaAt the premise of the anime, we already know that all the brothers are interested in Chi, as siblings and maybe more since none of them are actually related by blood… or are they? Their physical features and colouring tell me that they all come from the same mother with different fathers? The twins are obviously related by blood and they have different colouring.

wjyAside from Subaru who’s struggling with his feelings for Chi, Yuusuke, who is Chi’s age, has feelings for her and I can imagine how awkward it is for him right now because they went from classmates to siblings. So far, I think Ukyo is probably the most level-headed one of all the members of the household. He’s the second eldest and mostly takes care of the family so he’s really more of a guardian figure to Chi. I wonder if he’ll go from being watchful older brother to romantically interested older brother in a few episodes LOL Fuuto was a pretty interesting character that we finally met this episode. Since he’s a popular idol, he’s not around the house very much due to his career and he doesn’t seem very accepting of Chi. He teases her when he sees her and seems to be quite mischievous.

welcome makwaite

wheI’m not entirely sure what personality traits distinguish Chi’s character. She seems to love family very much as she came from a quite household. I find Juli to be a little annoying even though she’s just looking out for Chi. It’s also a bit strange that Juli can only communicate with Chi but I guess every female protagonist needs a furry sidekick.

Shojo fans! Who’s your favourite brothers conflict character right now? I’m torn between Yuusuke, Subaru and Kaname LOL Who are you guys shipping? Comment below!

And wow! How catchy is that ending song? I wanna get up and dance to it!

Hope you guys enjoyed Brothers Conflict so far. Thank you so much for reading. As always, weekends are crazy anime review days! More manga reviews will be coming on the weekdays!

– Cloudy

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