Genei wo kakeru Taiyou Episode 2 Review

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After Akari is rescued from the fire by the other magic girls, she’s taken to an organization called Sephiro Fiore. When she wakes up, Etia Visconti (the pretty girl with the light blue colouring from episode 1) and her deputy director, Ariel (the megane with pink hair) begins to explain why there are monsters everywhere. The monsters are actually called Daemonia and are evil spirits that attack people with evil hearts. The Daemonia offer to grant one’s wishes through the establishment of a contract. However, after the wish is fulfilled, the Daemonia cause people to slaughter each other. Sephiore is actually a battle unit with several branches, created to destroy the Daemonia and hide behind the cover of a fortune-telling school. (LOL Do those actually exist?) Their powers of the 21 members of Sephiore Fiore come from the elemental tarot. Akari was the last missing member, utilizing the powers of the Sun card.


motherEtia reveals that Taiyou Hinata,Akari’s mother was also a fighter within the organization. This is the turning point for Akari where she decides to (transfer to the fortune telling school) and become one of the elemental fighters.

When Akari arrives at the school, Ariel announces the teams. Meltina, Priscilla and the Tendo sisters are one team while Akari joins the other group of newcomers. The final position has been filled.


I love the plot device that puts Akari in a position where she is fulfilling her role as an elemental fighter in her mother’s footsteps. The flashbacks that we get of both Akari and her mother are both touching and mysterious because we get them in the glimpses of Akari’s dreams. I’m curious to learn more about Akari’s back story and her mother’s history. The other girls were raised knowing of their potential tarot powers and when they would awaken but Akari was kept in the dark by her mother.

hehTsukiyomi Luna (the magic girl with green colouring) goes to invite Akari for dinner and ends up falling asleep on her bed. Surprisingly, Akari doesn’t freak out when she wakes up to a stranger next to her. Between their conversation, we learn that Luna’s card is the moon (well, her name makes it obvious, no?) All the characters’ colouring and personalities are constructed and designed in accordance with each tarot card. It’s rather amusing.

litShirokane Ginka is kawaii chibi with blonde hair and blue eyes. The hardheaded leader is Hoshikawa Seira. Introductions and team-bonding happens over dinner and a montage of classes 😉 The motto of the school is, “Learn everything you need to know in battle,” otherwise the classes are pretty much normal.

star3When a mission is announced, dramatic music plays throughout the school and a strange machine called the Wheel of Fortune which preps the girls for battle. Ginka’s card is Temperance while Seira’s card is the Star.  The Star uses elements of ice coupled with archery. Temperance uses projectiles combined with the elements of light. The Moon attacks with… vines? When Akari is dealing the final blow to the Daemonia, the memories of her cousin’s death come flooding back. She passes out from the shock and Luna takes her back to headquarters.

photoWhen Akari awakens, Etia reveals that they originally altered Akari’s memories to keep the Daemonia from targeting her. Etia tells Akari that when Akari’s powers first awakened she was almost overtaken by a Daemonia preying on her negative emotions regarding Fuyuna’s death. As the successor of the Sun card, if Akari had been taken over by a Daemonia, the other magic girls would have had to kill her.

fuyOnce a person is overtaken by a Daemonia, it is impossible to kill the Daemonia without killing the victim in the process. When the Daemonia is slain, the memories of that person and anyone who knew that person also disappear.

After discovering the truth about the Daemonia and the emotional consequences of being an elemental tarot fighter, Akari has doubts about staying at Sephiro Fiore. Akari visits her mother’s grave and bumps into her aunt. When Akari mentions Fuyuna, her aunt has already forgotten the memories of her daughter.

vainThe talking animals are a little creepy. They’re cold-hearted too.

When Akari is out by the harbour pondering her feelings, a man possessed by a Daemonia attacks a ship. At the precipice of another situation, the episode ends just before she makes her decision to fight or run.


– Cloudy

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