Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Episode 2 Review

Hello everybody! Who’s excited for Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya? I know I am! Since I’ve been rewatching Fate Stay Night throughout the week to get pumped up for this new episode!


Hard to believe that Illya went from Master of the Berserker to magic girl huh?

Rating: 4.5/5 curiously excited clouds 5 CuriousClouds Transparent

punchOnce again, Rin the amazing mage is training protagonists that have no magic knowledge. She pretty much explains the whole magic girl gist to Illya. Under order from the Clock Tower, Rin and Ruby were suppose to collect cards in the city. The cards need to be collected because they contain high-level magic that has the power to destroy the city. Because Ruby and Sapphire were misbehaving and went to choose their own masters, Illya now has to help Rin collect cards.



At school, Illya is slowly adjusting to her transition into the fantasy world while juggling her school life. The way she’s so excited about being a magic girl, she’s such a cute protagonist, I love her!

When Illya finds a mysterious letter in her locker… Ruby gets way too excited about its potential as a love letter. But it’s actually a letter from Rin to meet up LOL Awkward disappointment.


The show really pokes fun at the magic girl genre. Even Ruby’s teaching Illya how to act like a kawaii magic girl and Illya is so naïve that she actually listen to her overexcited wand. Luckily Illya catches on quickly XD Ruby seems a little too obsessed with making Illya cute rather than powerful.


At night, Illya sneaks back to the school to meet up with Rin. As Rin waits for Illya, she thinks back to when she and Luviagelita were tasked to collect cards in hopes of apprenticing under the Grand Master. So there are elements of seriousness aside from all the magic girl laughs.


In order to capture cards, Ruby needs to transport Rin and Illya into the Mirror Worlds where Class Cards can materialize and be found. I can’t wait till we get to see Illya summon the servants from her collected cards. The first card that Illya has to collect turns out to be Rider and since magecraft has no effect on the cards, Rin is unable to help Illya.

hmpeLOLLLLLLL so Illya’s first battle doesn’t turn out as heroic as we thought but I guess winging it works when you’re driven by fear and self-preservation. Ruby’s quite helpful when it comes to training Illya mid-battle but Illya’s still completely inexperienced with battle and definitely needs Rin by her side… but just as Rider prepares for her final attack, another magic girl arrives with Sapphire and collects the card first!

I’m really excited for this series now! Episode 2 is jam-packed with action and a lot of Fate Stay Night references! As well, Illya’s rival appears and a little conflict starting to brew.

Hope you guys enjoyed this review. Thank you guys so much for reading and more anime reviews will come today!

– Cloudy

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