Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Episode 2 Review


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searchWithout any flashbacks or recaps, this episode picks up right away from where the pilot left off. After the mysterious killer Hampnie Hambert (can someone tell us his real name?) accuses Ai of being a fake gravekeeper, he introduces a “real” one named Scar.

Hampnie: Hey Scar, what were you called before you received that nickname?

Scar: A killer. Death god. Monster. Scar. Maria. Blockhead. Death god. Scar.

Hampnie: What name did you start with?

Scar: I didn’t have one.

caOnce again, Hampnie inquires about a girl named Hana. Since Scar is unable to find a match within her mental database, Hampnie has reached another dead end on his search.

Gravekeepers seem to be good natured but have no emotion, leading Ai to question her role as one. Though Ai has already buried the townsfolk, Hampnie Hambert insists on having Scar give a proper buriel, however Scar doesn’t seem to sense any dead people though all of them should be dead after being put to rest. In fact, Scar actually acknowledge Ai as a gravekeeper. (Yay!)

ejAi is trying to figure out where to go next and she tells Hampnie that she’ll continue to help the living by putting the dead to rest. However Hampnie is pretty harsh on Ai regarding her claims to continue as a gravekeeper. He’s right though, the world is a cruel place and no one is going to accept the girl that “kills” people.

“Violence. Greed. Slaughter. Corruption. Defeat. Failure. Immorality. Humiliation. These are everywhere. As long as you live, you will face them… The hopeless spark you have now will be corrupted. And in the most awful way there is.” (Hampnie Hambert)

yulieJust before Hampnie can pull the trigger on Ai, someone else pulls the trigger on him. Ai is rescued by a man called the Hunter. The Hunter, Julie calls him The Immortal Man. Julie hates Hampnie because Hampnie killed his wife six years ago but Hampnie claims that Julie was hiding a dead woman from the gravekeepers. Him, his wife and daughter were living happily in secret before Hampnie dealt with them. Now, Julie seeks revenge.

“I don’t like the dead, you see. Earth is to earth. Ash is to ash. Dust is to dust. And the dead should go back to the earth after they die.” (Hampnie Hambert)

deadAi is just an innocent little girl who wanted to help people but when it comes to gravekeepeing, it doesn’t seem that simple. She decides to leave the village to look for people who are in need of a gravekeeper and follows Hampnie out, who is continuing his search. Though he constantly picks on Ai for being inadequate as a gravekeeper, he begins to take care of her as a little sister.

conwWhen they make camp for the night, Ai offers him cookies as a sort of thank you for piggybacking her all day keeping her safe with him. Hampnie asks of Ai’s age and she tells him that she’s twelve. Since humans stopped being able to have children fifteen years ago, it’s nearly impossible to come across a child of such a young age. He deduces that she is most likely a child between a human and a gravekeeper. He calls her mother a defective gravekeeper because a normal one wouldn’t give birth to a child.
egepWe learn that Hampnie is 32 or 33, the same age as Julie. They actually grew up together and were best friends until that night when God abandoned the world. Hampnie retells the story of God’s abandonment, the one that wasn’t glossed over by a storyteller. He tells Ai that no one actually realized the change until later on. Hampnie theorizes that God was probably bored because in a methodical world without chaos, things were mediocre and boring. So to create excitement, he decides to grant people’s wishes. Humanity’s first wish is immortality. We also learn about Hampnie’s back story. Being a physically ill albino child, the sun made him weak but at seventeen when his body stabilized, he wished for those days to continue forever.


shovelSince the day of God’s abandonment, there were 20 000 deaths and 20 000 bodies began to roam the earth. Humanity realized that they didn’t really want to not die. After people die, their will to live becomes stronger and soon their bodies and minds deteriorate into monsters. It’s a tragedy for their close ones to live with them out of love.
creditAi asks Hampnie why he had to kill all the people in the village. He tells her that one day she will understand that as well as the secret that was kept in the village. The episode ends there! What’s the secret and what does Hampnie know? He’s a pretty great source for the background of the world and story however many mysteries have yet to be revealed.

Despite the different Japanese to English translation interpretations, I found that the script for Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi was written really well. There aren’t any excessive lines and every piece of dialogue serves a purpose. I love the quotes that I’m getting from Hampnie and Ai.

credti2There’s also a lot of philosophy worked into the anime. The entire system of morality is turned upside down because life and death aren’t fixed terms anymore, they become vague realities for the people of this world. Does death truly exist? What meaning is there to life if death is no longer imminent? Will people slowly deteriorate into monsters after years of immortality? Where do the gravekeepers come from and what are they exactly?

These kinds of questions and philosophical musings are what attract me to fantasy and post-apocalyptic stories. What do you guys think of the series so far? Comment below if you want J Are you as curious as I am? And have you guys noticed that the most dramatic and beautiful scenes take place at sunrise or sunset in this world? The art is really something to be marvelled at.


I hope you guys enjoyed this review. Thank you guys so much for reading and I will talk to you guys soon!

– Cloudy

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