Makai Ouji – Devils and Realist Episode 2 Review


This episode wasn’t AS exciting as I expected it to be but it showcases a bit more of William’s transition into this political race to be Interim ruler. Since he’s the Elector and everything in the race rides on him, William’s being targeted by other demons who wish to threaten persuade him that they deserve to be chosen.


Rating: 4/5 happy clouds4 Clouds Transparent

heoSytry Cartwright is a new character introduced this episode. He’s the nephew of Grand Duke Ballberith. Sytry is a fallen angel and it’s only later through a flashback that we learn that King Solomon took him in when he was cast out of heaven.

fireWe learn a bit more about Dantalion as well. Sytry accuses of being sentimental when it comes to humans because Dantalion himself is half human, making him a Nephilim. However, despite his half human lineage, he doesn’t seem to be any weaker in power or skill to other demons. In fact he seems much more explosive in power.

johnWilliam is still a stone cold realist who starts lecturing raging demons on atom theory LOL He’s still pretty unaware of his powers, especially the two instances where he demanded demons to stop fighting which caused their powers to fade. King Solomon is almost like a liaison between heaven and hell. In the flashback, when Sytry asks him why he carries the essence of heaven even though he’s only mortal, Solomon tells him that it’s because he’s met God. The fact that Lucifer also gives Solomon power in his stead to choose an interim leader gives him immense influence. The ring seems to be a symbol of his wisdom and power but William still hasn’t found it.


Strangely it’s Kevin (the butler) who’s been hiding the ring in a box… very suspicious.

I wonder when we’ll get to meet this Grand Duke Ballberith. So far, we haven’t even seen a shady glimpse of him and we usually get a bit of that in the first few episodes before the antagonist is revealed in a grand flourish.egeoI like what the writers did by introducing Isaac into the world. He not only acts as William’s best friend but also serves as a more subdued version of the supernatural elements (despite his obsession with the occult). Even though he probably understands William’s practical personality, that doesn’t stop him from ranting about magic and lore every chance he gets. I think William needs someone like that by his side to remind him that life’s not all numbers and equations.

If you guys haven’t checked this episode out, go ahead and stream or download it. The comedy really fits my taste and the demons can be rather humorous despite participating in a political race in the pits of hell.

Favourite moment of the episode- when Gilles opens a portal between Dantalion’s legs XD


Thank you guys so much for reading and I will post very soon!

– Cloudy

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