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awThis episode starts off with Haru getting sick from swimming in the pool in April. Nagisa and Mako are getting excited about the upcoming relay race. Since there are only three of them, they need to find another member to complete their relay team.

I usually do commentary after the recap but today I’ve decided to switch it up. This episode mainly follows the swim club’s search for a fourth member of their team since Kou merely acts as fangirl manager of the group.

eogeI really liked how they introduced Rei Ryugazaki’s story in one episode. We learn a bit of his personality, how he’s completely the opposite of Nagisa’s personality as well as Haru’s approach to sports. I really like how Hiroko Utsumi directed the episodes. The beginning and end of each episode as well as the character development ties into the overarching plot but each episode also tells a little story of its own nicely packed with all the basic elements of inciting incident, conflict, climax and temporary resolution.

Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds 4 CloudsExcited Transparent

favOn the train, Nagisa bumps into Ryugazaki who turns down Nagisa’s proposal to join the swim club before Nagisa gets the chance to ask him outright. Ryugazaki sure is sharp! But since he’s joined the track team, he refuses to be part of the swim club.

swim alreadyAt the pool, Haru is crouching by the water and staring at it, wondering when it’ll be warm enough to swim again. Kou brings up the idea of joining a gym to swim off-season. Kou plans to pay for their membership with the club budget by their sensei tells them that the school won’t lavishly fund a brand-new club with no accomplishments. The club then decides to place in a summer tournament in order to be granted approval from the budget review meeting. There’s still the problem of finding one more member. Haru is especially motivated because with an extra member, he can swim all he wants.


pestNagisa bumps into Ryugazaki in the halls and once again trying to convince Ryagazaki to join the swim club. Nagisa drags the rest of the club out to see Ryagazaki at track and field practise. Nagisa thinks it’s fate for Ryagazaki to join the club just because he has a girly name like Mako and Haru. Kou’s reason for having Ryagazaki join is also very legitimate 😉

stare qbeautistare2

formTurns out that Ryugazaki is only interested in sports where you can attain the perfect form through mathematical calculations. He’s really logical with all his calculations.

Over their walk home, Mako asks Haru if he’ll be alright entering tournaments and potentially beating Rin. Haru points out that what happened was in the past and the fact that Rin is swimming again is enough.

sasae past

greatWhen the swim club meets up, Kou announces that she was able to schedule a joint practice session with the swim team at Samezuka. It’s great because they have permission to swim in Samezuka’s indoor pool, but only requirement is a team of four.

runn4One morning, Nagisa approaches Ryagazaki to run with him and of course, the swim club comes up in conversation. Nagisa asks Ryagazaki to use calculations to make swimming into a beautiful sport but Ryagazaki says that it’s impossible because of the multiple actions involved in water. Ryagazaki finally agrees to participate in the joint practice but states that his only condition is that he won’t swim.


ai yah

Despite Ryagazaki’s reluctance, he’s pressured into the water and totally belly flops LOL I guess his calculations weren’t set for water because he doesn’t actually know how to swim! Only when he sees Haru swim, that he realizes how beautiful swimming can be. He’s then inspired to change his attitude towards sports.

“No theory, no calculations… Be free!”

After a crazy pole vault, Ryagazaki asks Haru if he can swim free like him and officially joins the swim club! Looks like Nagisa’s enthusiastic pestering marketing worked!

Every week I crave the next episode after the one that’s just been released! Free! Is becoming a really great summer anime for me ^^ It’s so hot nowadays that watching this series just makes me want to jump into a pool with the Iwatobi Swim Club!

I hope you guys are enjoying the series as much as I am! Thank you so much for reading and we’ll talk soon!

– Cloudy

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