Kimi no iru Machi, A Town Where You Live Episode 1 Review



Thank you thank you arigatou gozaimashita to whoever commented in the poll to suggest this anime. I’m really glad you brought it up because this first episode was really great. The opening and ending songs were especially meaningful, really tying the themes of the story together.

ebaRating: 4.5/5 curiously excited clouds 5 CuriousClouds Transparent

For a slice-of-life anime, this pilot episode has a lot of plot detail packed into it. I was thoroughly surprised at the little bits of personality I grabbed from the characters as well as the glimpses of the driving force behind the structure of the slice-of-life. From the get-go we already know that it fits into the categories of drama and romance with a little comedy. Based on the shonen manga by Koji Seo, it follows Haruto Kirishima in his character-driven romantic journey throughout the years. It actually takes place in the same world as the anime and manga series Suzuka.

vanishThe episode starts off with a glimpsed of Haruto riding on a bike. Seated behind him is a girl with long flowing purple hair and a sunny smile on her face. In the present day, Haruto has moved from Hiroshima to Tokyo and is currently staying with his elder sister. He’s transferred into Kitakou School so some of the events involve him settling into city life as well as his new home with neighbours Asuka Mishima and Kyousuke Kazama.

At the end of the episode, as Haruto is heading home one evening, he bumps into an old friend named Rin from Hiroshima. She asks him if he really wants to be with her that badly and calls him a stalker for coming all the way to Tokyo. Haruto tells her that he wants to clear things up with the girl, to be able to her the words from her own mouth. Haruto finally utters her name, Eba.


In terms of art, I’m very pleased with the aesthetic. The animation is shaded and gentle and the lines are soft. The colours of scenery and landscape of the background encapsulate the characters in a romantic atmosphere. The script is also tailored well to open up certain themes that are going to become prominent in the anime. Dialogue is one of the most important parts of character and plot development.

preHaruto doesn’t seem like the type of wishy washy character you get in some slice-of-life series. The fact that he’s chased a girl all the way to Tokyo shows us that he’s not one to sit idly by waiting for things to work themselves out. I love slice-of-life characters who are driven right from the start, not after a bunch of slow-paced tragedies and unfortunate events. I’m really interested in his story (and he’s not hard on the eyes)

If you’re new to the slice-of-life genre I think this is a great place to start. Fans of the genre will really enjoy the pilot and if regular anime watchers want to slow things down for the lazy summer days, this anime’s just what you need. Me? I’m going to check up on the two OVA episodes before I stay tuned for the next episode!

Hope you guys enjoyed this review. Thank you so much for reading and happy watching!

– Cloudy

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