Brothers Conflict Episode 3 Review

eogeHi everyone! Today we’re checking out episode 3 of BroCon. The bulk of this episode takes place at Chi’s father Rintarou and the brothers’ mother Miwa’s wedding. There are a lot of additional snippets inserted here and there about the brothers. The events of every episode jump everywhere making it difficult to write a good recap or review because the scenes are strung together somewhat separately, only connected by the main setting being the household.


Fuuto continues to tease Chi but luckily Yuusuke saves her just before he gets his hands on her =P

knightbondUm… Louis can also talk to squirrels… specifically the overprotective Juli. The two of them make a pact to keep Chi safe in the household.

Chi and Yuusuke are also in the process of picking colleges and careers. Yuusuke struggles with his transition from classmate to brother. He’s soo adorable!

LOL That awkward moment when your older brother shows up at your parent-teacher conference as your guardian…especially when he’s Kana-nii 😉

We’re also introduced to another introduced to another brother of the family, the fourth son, Hikaru Asahina. He… is a cross-dresser and also thoroughly enchanted by his new younger sister. This is getting a little weird for me… and Chi but luckily Ukyo is there for Chi.

We finally get to meet the parents of the household at the wedding! Miwa, Chi’s new mother seems super sweet and the parents are really happy together! At the church, Chi bumps into Natsume, Azusa and Tsubaki’s fraternal brother, making the three of them triplets. Now Chi’s finally met EVERYONE. Oh how are we going to memorize everyone’s names?!?

triplets everyone

… The most important part is that we get to see all the brothers in dashing suits and ties! *swoon*Oh I wish I had thirteen good-looking and doting brothers!


There seems to be a bit of tension between Natsume and Subaru, Natsume’s super concerned for his brother. Even though he’s always away for work, he still worried about his sibling.

Of course when Miwa throws the bouquet, Chi’s the one who catches it. The question is… Who’s she gonna marry soon? 😉 With the conclusion of the wedding, all the brothers also officially welcome Chi into the family. SUPER SWEET!!

Anyone else find the opening and ending songs super catchy? Makes me want to learn the choreography to the dancing LOL Hope you otome fans are enjoying this anime as much as I am! Thank you so much for reading, new reviews are coming everyday!

– Cloudy

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