Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou Episode 3 Review

This episode started out pretty slow paced but picked up after we hit midpoint. Akari is still figuring out how role as an elemental tarot magic girl. It’s hard for her to pick up her sword knowing that the Daemonia were once living breathing human beings. She feels responsible for her cousin Fuyuna’s death and that will be a significant mark in her life.


Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds 4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Akari and Luna seem to bond very well. When Akari is confined to the dungeon due to her indecision to fight and kill the Daemonia, Luna tells Akari that she isn’t the only that’s ever faced indecision. Luna, like Seira and Ginka have also struggled with the responsibility and burdens that come with the power of the elemental tarot.


msmSeira is also a very interesting character. Everything she does, from what she eats, to her late night training, is focused on strengthening her physical and mental self to slay the Daemonia. However, in the last episode, we saw her moments of vulnerability. She’s not just a cold-hearted fighter, she knows that no matter how experienced she may be or how she becomes, fighting never gets easier.

onegaiWhat’s newly revealed in this episode is that Akari has the ability to hear the mournful voices of the victims overtaken by the Daemonia. Having heard their cries, she’s even more reluctant to exterminate them. The organization claims that it’s impossible to hear the voices of the victims because the Daemonia completely control them but somehow Akari has this power, and with Luna’s help, she’s given some time to understand the Daemonia during the chaos of the battle.


In the end, Akari has reconciled with herself. She knows that if the Daemonia are left freely to themselves, they will cause even more harm to innocent people. Though memories of the victims overtaken by Daemonia disappear and their existence seems to fade into nothingness, Akari decides to fight them but before she brings down her blade, I think she’s going to try to hear their stories and she herself will remember them so at least someone does.

believThe themes of the series also raise questions about predestination and freewill. Akari, like the other girls were born into the elemental tarot. They didn’t choose to become elemental fighters but because they hold these powers, they have no choice but to fight the Daemonia. After all, no one else can.

I’m really glad Akari’s emotional indecision lasted only for an episode. A hero or heroine’s internal struggle can often drag out for a few episodes (or in Magica Madoka’s case – the entire series) but it is the protagonist’s inner conflict that creates depth and instigates growth in the character on an emotional and mental level.

eoeI’m wondering if we’ll get to see and hear about the back stories of the other characters. We learned more about Luna this episode and we finally get to see Meltina and Priscilla, the other elemental magic girls, in action. Meltina’s elemental tarot is the Magician while Priscilla’s elemental tarot is the Fool. There seems to be divided opinion between Etia and the other higher-ups. More conflict is brewing! What awaits Akari next week? The writers and producers are really stepping it up with magic girl plotlines!

Hope you guys enjoyed this review! Thanks for dropping in and as always the coming of the weekend means new anime episode recaps and reviews! Stay tuned!

– Cloudy

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