Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Episode 3 Review

aThe new episode is finally out! Rewatching Fate Stay Night and Zero this week was a good idea. Anime marathons rock! Now, let’s start with this episode’s recap.

The battle details of the last episode wrap up at the beginning of this one. The new magic girl, master of Sapphire has appeared with Rin’s rival, Luviagelita Edelfelt. Rin and Luvia’s rivalry is hilarious! They can’t not fight when they’re within a twenty foot distance XD

oiLOL Illya as a magic girl doesn’t seem as formidable as Illya, Master of Berzerker. What’s more is that Miyu Edelfelt, Sapphire’s master, appears as Illya’s new transfer classmate. Coincidence? I think not producers. Even Ruby and Sapphire point out that this happens a lot in magic girl series XD

spWell, we also find out that Sapphire and Ruby are sister… but Sapphire’s much more tame and less hyper than Ruby. The magic girls seem to have similar personality to their wands, much like the servant-master relationship in Fate Stay Night and Zero. With a bit introductions and conversation on the roof of the school building, Illya finds out that Ruby hasn’t actually taught her much about utilizing the card’s powers. Ruby explains that two weeks ago, the Mage’s Association detected from strange mana irregularities in Fuyuki City. It was then that they discovered a Class Card wherever there was a distortion of mana.

There are seven cards of course, and so far, three have been caught by Miyu while two have been collected by the Mage Association already. The Association still hasn’t figured out what their appearance means. Of course, each card corresponds to a Heroic Spirit and drawing on their power, a magic girl can borrow their characteristics and capabilities. With Ruby and Sapphire’s help, the magic girls can temporarily borrow the power of a spirit’s Noble Phantasm.

wpaNow, on a lighter note back in the classroom… It amuses me that Taiga hasn’t changed at all from Fate Stay Night. She’s still the hilarious sensei who’s constantly obsessed with food, forgetful, outspoken and late. Turns out that Miyu is brilliant! Not just as a magic girl, but as a student whether it’s with mathematics, visual arts or cooking. Illya’s friends cheer Illya on in PE, knowing that her skill in running is the last thing capable of surpassing Miyu. It turns out that they’re NECK IN NECK when it comes to running but in the last stretch, Miyu still beats Illya.

springtIllya’s pretty discouraged at this point and when Miyu notices her sitting in the park along. The episode enters a much deeper tone towards the end. Miyu asks Illya why she’s collecting cards and why she fights. Illya tells her that she’s just been dragged into it but she has dreamt of using magic like in anime or games. Upon hearing Illya’s response, Miyu simple tells Illya to give up card collecting and leaves.

When Illya returns home, she bumps into Miyu again (AWKS) because Miyu’s house is actually the giant mansion newly built NEXT DOOR!

The episode leaves us with an empty room and a note on the desk, summoning Illya to the park by the bridge at midnight.

cutRating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds 4 CloudsExcited Transparent

It seems like the story line is really accumulating it’s pace. Illya’s already been given a taste of battle and witnessed a competent and skilled magic girl in action. Miyu seems to have her own reasons for fighting and she definitely feels the weight of her power and responsibilities a bit more than Illya… for now at least.

wgAt this episode, we’re just settling into the quiet time of learning and training where the protagonist is slowly caught up on the world and magic around her. I do wonder how the next battle’s going to go because although Illya’s been told she can use class cards, she’s never actually practiced with Ruby. I’d really like to see how Luvia trains Miyu. Is Miyu naturally talented or does Luvia possess some sort of super talented teaching hidden in those curls of hers?!??

This episode wasn’t too bad but there wasn’t much action so I hope the story line picks up its pace next week. As always, the magic girl jokes are vastly entertaining. The Fate series really did a 360 turn from dark and bloody to cute and smiley but strangely I’m okay with it.


Now I leave you with one final question… who’s laugh scares is scarier – Luvia’s or Renge’s from Ouran High School Host Club? Comment below! Frankly, I’m terrified at both…

Hope you guys enjoyed this review and had fun watching Fate Kaleid Liner! Stay tuned for next week’s episode!

– Cloudy

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2 thoughts on “Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Episode 3 Review

  1. What I love about the manga and now obviously about the anime is that it stays true to the Nasuverse elements and the Fate franchise. All the Hollow Ataraxia characters like Luvia and Ruby, but also of course Rin and the other Fate characters are pretty much in-character.

    I also love the small Fate references here and there. Rin getting Archer first, fighting Lancer first, Rider being fought on the school grounds, the Saber-Shirou-Are-you-my-Master? shot, Rin’s letter from the Heaven’s Feel route, Waver Velvet in episode 2, etc. I could go on forever.

    [i] Well, we also find out that Sapphire and Ruby are sisters… but Sapphire’s much more tame and less hyper than Ruby. [/i]

    Well, the twin Kaleido Stick sisters are actually a clear reference to the twin maid sisters from Tsukihime, Kohaku (energetic and enthusiastic, sometimes so much that she starts to annoy the characters) and Hisui (the younger one, calling her sister “Nee-san”, while being quiet and reserved).

    Kohaku even has an alternate Magical Girl identity as Magical Amber and both Kaleido Sticks are voiced by Kohaku and Hisui’s voice actresses from Melty Blood and Carnival Phantasm (btw, if you haven’t watched CP yet, do it right now!).

    [i] Now I leave you with one final question… who’s laugh scares is scarier – Luvia’s or Renge’s from Ouran High School Host Club? Frankly, I’m terrified at both… [/i]


    • I totally agree about the small Fate references and thanks for pointing out the things I missed! I’ve been planning on watching Carnival Phantasm for some time now so hopefully I can find some time to marathon through it soon!

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